EoP – Part 41

Echoes of Power

Part 41

When the teenager woke up again it was day outside, this time his alarm clock indicated it was not long past 9 a.m.. He remained like that, lying comfortably under his sheets, for a few long minutes, looking at the ceiling as he tried to remember the dream he had had during the night. He remembered a pair of intense blue eyes and having been chased by a strange creature but the rest as already fading from his memory. It happened often when he woke up, he usually found himself unable to tell what he had dreamt about, only what he had felt like, and even that was not so often. Finally he decided to get up and putting the T-shirt from his pyjamas back on -he usually took it off to sleep as it didn’t feel comfortable- he walked to the bathroom to clean himself a little and to relieve his full bladder.

Hi father was still snoring on the couch when he passed by the living room on his way to go eat his breakfast. He placed the tome of Soul King on the table before filling a bowl with cereals and cold milk into it and pouring himself a glass of orange juice. He sat down and opened the book where he had left it the day before and resumed reading as he started eating. The conflict had begun a few tomes back and was getting to its culmination point, the young man knew its end should come soon. He hope that it wouldn’t happen in this one though, he still wanted to see the situation between the antagonists and the main characters a bit more. The protagonists still had a long way to go before being able to fight back with what they were thrown against and that is why, as he read the last few pages, he almost choked on his food.

One of the main characters had finally managed to reach the bad guys’ lair but, as he walked in, he found the place deserted. Only the body of one of the main antagonist’s generals remained, he was dead, his own sword piercing through his torso and holding him against the stone wall almost thirty centimeters above the ground. A surprised expression was visible on the man’s face and a large bleeding wound on his chest in the shape of two parallel lines. What the…?! Thought Alexandre, trying to understand what was going on as he read the final page of the sixty-fourth tome. He had to go back several times before he finally noticed the strange shadow in the background, the same that had been there since the beginning of the series at key moments.

A small smile appeared on his face when he understood what that could mean for the next part of the story.

“Awesome.” He whispered, knowing he and Bryan would surely spend hours talking about it.

The only problem was to resist the urge to send a message to his best friend immediately. Somehow he would have to restrain himself though.

“Good morning Alexandre, did you sleep well?” His father asked with a yawn as he walked in the kitchen.

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