EoP – Part 42

Echoes of Power

Part 42

“Hey dad!” Replied the young man with a smile. “Yeah, I slept quite well despite waking up once around three or four o’clock this morning. I had a strange dream.” He added as his father raised an eyebrow quizzically.

“And how was the couch?” The teenager then added with a small smirk.

“Meh, frankly it wasn’t that bad…” Replied the older man with a shrug. “Your mother and I did invest quite a sum into it after all.” He added, returning the mocking smile.

“Yeah, I did hesitate to wake you up yesterday but you seemed to be sleeping so well I decided not to…” Explained Alexandre as he drank the milk left in his bowl.

“Well I won’t hold it against you don’t worry son.” Said David as he took out some ingredients to prepare himself a more consistent breakfast.

“Wow, thank ou father, your kindness knows no bound.” Replied the teenager, his smirk getting bigger as he stood up and put his dishes in the sink. “Well, have a nice breakfast, I’m going to take a shower!” He exclaimed as he picked up his book.

Alexandre walked up to the bathroom to take a warm shower and clean off the layer of grime he swore he could feel accumulating on his skin. Once he felt clean and refreshed enough he went back to his room and got dressed, opening the window once it was done to let some fresh air inside. The weather was good that day too, a few white clouds were drifting slowly across the blue sky and the air was warm already, the teenager knew it was going to be a good day. He sat on his bed and pondered if he should try his little experiment again, he was so impatient to do it again! But non, he knew it wasn’t a good idea to do it now, he had to wait for the right moment, when he would be alone.

So instead he took out his books and worked on the assignments he had been given for the week-end, finishing the biology and maths exercises he had to do for the following week. Finally his patience was rewarded two hours later when his father called him.

“Alexandre? I’m going to do some shopping, the fridge is almost empty. Do you want to come with me?” He heard his father ask from downstairs.

“Do I have a choice?” He asked back.

“Of course.” He could feel the smile in his father’s voice.

“Well in that case no, I’d rather not.” Replied the teenager.

“Very well, in that case you can prepare yourself some sandwiches. There’s all you need in the fridge. I should be back later in the afternoon.” Sad the man in his forties.

“Ok dad, no problem!”

“See you later Alex, try not to do anything stupid!” His father exclaimed as he put on his coat and opened the door.

“I won’t, you know me!” Replied Alexandre with a smirk.

He then heard the door close behind his father and was once again alone in the house. The sound of the engine faded away as his father drove away towards the commercial center. The light-haired young man almost regretted not going with his father, he would’ve like to take a look at the books and the video games, but this was a golden opportunity to test his power! My thing, he immediately corrected himself. This was a rare occasion to do so and he knew he wouldn’t have much time to try anything before the next week-end. He closed his notebooks and rushed downstairs, checking his father was indeed gone before picking up the rubber ball he had tested the previous day.

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