EoP – Part 43

Echoes of Power

Part 43

The teenager noticed he was playing with the ball, unconsciously rolling it in his hand. He stopped, looking at the spherical object as it rested in his palm. He struggled with his thoughts for a minute, desperately wanting to give his ‘thing’ another try but unsure if he would succeed. I have to focus, I need to absolutely want to make it slow down while its falling, if I don’t it won’t work… He took a deep breath and let the ball roll out of his fingers and onto the counter, focusing on it as much as he could as it rolled ever closer to the edge.

“Nestros! ”He exclaimed as he willed it to slow down with all his might.

The bouncing object, however, did exactly what it had been designed to do, it fell down to the ground and bounced back up without giving even a single sign of slowing down. But Alexandre was determined and he was not about to give up after only one try. He had managed a miracle twice with a glass, he knew he could do it with a rubber ball. He let it roll again, shouting the word as it was already mid way to the ground but without much result. He tried once more by letting the ball drop directly from his hand but it changed nothing, it still refused to slow down.

Damn it! He silently swore. Why can’t I do it? Is it because I need to concentrate more? Was it easier with a glass because I really didn’t want to break it? For a moment he hesitated to try it again with a glass but decided against it. He could do it all the same with this ball, he knew it, and so he would. He tried again but despite his best efforts he couldn’t do it and after his tenth try his head was beginning to hurt. Then, as he felt the pain throb in his skull, he heard the voice. It was back, speaking its unknown words in a low voice, but he could hear it clearly and it only added to his frustration.

“Oh no you don’t! It’s not the moment!” He exclaimed, frustration obvious in his tone, as he rubbed his forehead. “I need to focus and you’re definitely not helping!”

But the voice didn’t seem to listen to him and instead gained in intensity, growing louder so quickly he couldn’t suppress a wince, as if it was annoyed by his hesitation and his frustration. At least that’s what he felt it meant.

“Alright, alright!” He groaned, deciding to give it a shot again and to try to focus even more.

Instantly the pain seemed to lessen, though the voice was still a loud rumble in his mind. He placed the ball on the counter and pushed it ever so slightly with his finger, letting it roll slowly towards the edge, as he had already done a few times the previous day. He focused, concentrating on the object while trying to push everything else out of his head. He had to want it as much as he had with the glass and for that the only way was to focus, somehow he knew he had to will the ball to do his bidding with all his mind or it would fail again.


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