EoP – Part 44

Echoes of Power

Part 44

“Dont fall, don’t fall, don’t fall…” Alexandre started to repeat the words, ignoring the fact that it hadn’t helped last time, and completely concentrated his mind on the ball.

The teenager took in a few deep breaths, feeling his heart rate calm down as he did. At the same time he imagine the trajectory the ball would day and tried to view it in his mind as clearly as he could. It had worked the previous day so why not give it a shot again. He then felt calmer and more focused, visualizing the small sphere and focusing only on it became a little bit easier. He knew what he wanted and he knew he would make it happen.

As it finally rolled over the edge and started its descent, he watched it move very slowly, as if once more the world was moving in slow motion. He didn’t know if this was a trick of his mind or if the world really was slowing down, thought the latter seemed far more unlikely, but he was glad it was happening, whatever it was. Finally, as the ball was only a few inches above the ground he yelled the word, willing the small object to slow down.

The ball did not slow down immediately and Alexandre was about to let a disappointed sigh out, seeing the round object almost bouncing ont he ground now, when he saw it slow down. It was brief, lasting less than a tenth of a second, but he saw it happen as if it had taken a full minute. The ball slowly reached the hard surface and delicately touched down without bouncing back up. The light-haired teen suddenly felt weak in his legs and let himself fall backwards, sitting roughly on the floor as he catched his breath.

His chest heaved, his head spun and his body was on fire, as if he had just ran a marathon, but a small smile crept on the teenager’s face. He had done it again, it had worked. He really could do something incredible! He let out a stiff laugh, unable to relax because of the pain and the fatigue, and lied down on the ground, closing his eyes for a moment. When he opened them again the room was basked in sunlight and he was breathing normally again. Damn it, I must’ve dosed off… He realized as he slowly moved to get up.

He looked at the time, almost noon, he had been lying there for almost half an hour. His muscles ached but he ignored the pain as he remembered what he had just done. He grabbed the ball once again and placed it back on the counter with a smile as he stood back up. It really feels like I’ve run a marathon afterwards… Strangely I don’t feel as exhausted as yesterday though. Indeed, he could feel the painful throbbing in his muscles as if his whole body has been overused, but it didn’t feel as bad as the previous day. Perhaps it’s just my imagination though, he thought. But I think I’ve grasped something new about this ability.

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