EoP – Part 45


Echoes of Power

Part 45

As the thought occurred to him, Alexandre decided not to correct himself this time. Perhaps this was the only thing he would ever be able to do and perhaps it would always drain him of his energy like this, but he felt he could call it an ability or a power now and what’s more, his own. He had made it happen enough times to be sure it wasn’t a dream and that it was him, and only him, that had done it. I still don’t know how it is possible nor how it is linked to the voice in my head though… But he shook his head, he couldn’t hope to get all the answers immediately and even if the list of questions kept growing he had time to seek and perhaps find answers. As he was thinking about that he finally realized the voice strange voice had died down and that he was once again alone in his head.

After resting a bit and eating a couple of chocolate bars Alexandre decided to try to use his ability again to try to test his limits. All his attempts weren’t rewared with success but he felt he was gaining more control over it each time he succeeded. The teenager felt it become less and less difficult to focus on the ball to make it slow down before it touched the ground. It did take a toll on his body each time but after resting a little and sometimes eating a snack he would be able to resume his tests. He was completely drained when he finally decided to stop but his satisfaction made him completely unaware of the weakness of his muscles and the pain that coursed through his body.

He was sweating and heaving but the large smile on his face didn’t give any indication of his state of fatigue as he lay on the cold hard ground of the kitchen. Finally, after a few long minutes spent only looking at the ceiling and replaying each moment of his experiment in his head did he manage to get up and to crawl upstairs to his bed. He fell heavily on it and immediately drifted away, only to be woken up a few hours later when his father called out to him.

“Coming!” He exclaimed as he stood up, wincing slightly as a wave of pain coursed through his body.

His legs were still weak and strained but he felt less tired and a little bit more refreshed than earlier. As he walked out of his room he didn’t notice the small sphere of dark smoke get blown away from his shoulder. It stayed there, floating in midair for a few seconds without moving, and then, without a sound, it started floating in the direction the teenager had gone a moment before, leaving a thin dark trail in its path.

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