EoP – Part 46

Echoes of Power

Part 46

As the bell rang the end of the first half of the day the light-haired young man felt that the day was one of the longest in his life; he had to endure the long class hours without the presence of his best friend. Bryan had sent him a message a few hours before to warn him that he wouldn’t be able to come to school, at least not in the morning, because he had hurt himself the previous day during training and he didn’t feel well enough. Alexandre turned his phone back on as soon as he had left the classroom and sent a message to the dark-haired teenager.

“Well I survived the morning, I hope you’ll be well enough to come this afternoon! But don’t pressure yourself, rest if you need. Is it painful?”

His best friend hadn’t given him all the details but apparently he had hurt his arm and had almost broken a bone, he had been lucky to manage to break his fall. Alexandre knew that his training at the dojo was sometimes intense and that he had already hurt himself quite badly, but that had become rare recently, Bryan had grown into a fine martial artist and he could handle himself quite well. He must have tried to go against much stronger than him as always… Thought Alexandre with a smirk as he walked towards the cafeteria.

He waited for the tan teenager’s reply as he quickly ate and rushed to the library to read a bit before the beginning of classes. He was reading through a book about astronomy when he realized the bell wouldn’t be long to ring again to signal the beginning of afternoon classes. The teenager noticed the pleasant surprise that was awaiting him in his inbox when he checked the time on his phone, Bryan was telling him he would be arriving to the school in a few minutes. This made him smile. Awesome!

And indeed, a few minutes later, as he had already been waiting in front of the classroom he saw his best friend walking towards him. The dark-haired teen had his arm in a sling and a large gash was running across the right side of his face, starting just under his eye and ending just under his lower lip. It was bright red and seemed to have been bleeding until recently. Bryan smiled as he saw his best friend and quickened his step. Alexandre was thankful for them being alone for the moment as he let a concerned look spread on his face.

“Hey!” Exclaimed Bryan as he was a few steps away.

“Hey! Wow! That doesn’t look good! Are you okay man?” He asked as saluted his best friend.

“Uh, yeah, quite painful.” Nodded Bryan. “The arm is okay” He wriggled it a bit as he said that. “Just a sprain, I forced too much against stronger than me…”

“Knew it!” Chuckled Alexandre as he realized he had been right. “You’re always too stubborn, never backing away from a challenge…”

“Yeah…” Agreed the dark-haired teen with a sigh. “I should’ve seen it coming with all these years of training but no, I had to keep trying… Anyways! I also got this beautiful thing when I fell badly from straining my arm and I have to admit it hurts quite a bit. I think I’ll have a large scar when it heals…”

“Uh, yeah, that is to be expected…” Nodded Alexandre. “But it’ll make you more manly eh!” He added with a mocking smile.

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