EoP – Part 47

Echoes of Power

Part 47

“Tch! Whatever!” Replied Bryan, smiling too.

“Well at least I’m happy to see you’re not too beaten up and that you’re okay overall…” Said the light-haired teenager.

“Aw, you were worried about me…” Cooed the dark-haired teen with a smirk. “How sweet!”

“You know, if you hadn’t your arm in a sling I would’ve hit you… Speaking of! What exactly happened to your arm and your face?”

“Well, it’s a bit stupid actually…” Commented the dark-haired teen with a chuckle. “As I told you I was being stupid and tried to force my way out of a lock, but my opponent was much stronger than me and I somehow managed to dislocate my shoulder and to overstretch the ligaments. It’s painful and a bit incapacitating but it’s nothing too serious.. Here, I can move my arm and write almost normally!” He explained as he took his arm out of the sling and moved it around a little.

“Yeah, well don’t hurt yourself even more trying to prove to me that you’re alright.” Smirked Alexandre. “And your face?” He then asked.

“Even more stupid. When my partner realized I was struggling too much he undid the lock, letting me go down. But I somehow managed to stumble and fell badly on the hard floor, I hit the corner of a shelf nearby and almost split my head in two… Luckily, and for once I’m proud to say it, I’m quite hardheaded and I missed my eye. Not by much but it didn’t get hurt. So, yeah, I may look bad but I could’ve been much worse…”

“Wow, talk about luck…” Replied the light-haired teen with a whistle. “Well I hope you get better soon.”

“Yeah, don’t worry about that, I’ll be fine!” Exclaimed Bryan with a large smile. “I just have to be careful not to strain my arm too much, that’s all.”

“Okay.” Nodded Alexandre, returning his friend’s smile. “So, did you have time to read Soul King with all that?” He added, changing the subject.

“Wait, you’re kidding right? As if I’d last any longer before devouring it! I finished it by friday night! How do you want me not to read it with how the story is progressing?!” Asked the dark-haired teen with passion in his voice.

Alexandre felt the same, he hadn’t really enjoyed the story at first, he had felt it was too normal and light-hearted for its genre. Over time though, he had become more and more interested and passionate about it as the plot had thickened and the storyline had become infinitely more interesting. He hadn’t been able to stop reading it since and he knew Bryan was the same.

“I know. I’ve had the same problem. I managed to last until yesterday morning though, reading it little by little.” He explained with a smile.

“Impressive.” Commented Bryan with a small impressed whistle. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to wait for the next one much longer though, I need to know what happens after that end man!” He added with an excited voice.

“Same here. The author is evil to have done such a thing… It’s inhuman…” Agreed the young man with short brown hair.

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