EoP – Part 48

Echoes of Power

Part 48

They talked about it for a few minutes before the bell rang again. By that time the other students had already started to arrive and a large crowd was waiting in front of the class room when the teacher finally arrived. Bryan had been forced to explain his story in brief details a few times before everyone finally was up to date, most of the other teenagers were shocked and fascinated by his injuries, especially the ones of the opposite sex. Alexandre noticed a few girls eyes his best friend as if they saw him in a whole new light, they seemed… more than appreciative.

Damn! The attention he’s going to get with that… He chuckled inwardly. And let’s not think about when it’ll be a nicely healed scar…

They tried to keep discussing about the manga during math but even if they were sitting in nearby seats it proved to be much more difficult than what they had imagined at first and they didn’t manage to get much further. Even though, Alexandre felt time pass faster that afternoon and felt it had almost gone in the blink of an eye as Bryan and him seperated on their way home, he still had so much to talk about. They had both walked all the way from school as Bryan had been unable to ride his bike that morning, not bothered in the least by their slow pace, despite that, they would still have to wait to finish their discussion. Both of them were used to it, usually they had enough to talk about for a whole week.

As soon as he got home, Alexandre attempted to use his ‘power’ again. He took advantage of the fact that his father had long hours at work and that he had the house to himself until late in the evening all week to practice everyday and discover his limits. It was still hard and uncertain and exhausting to slow the fall of objects but, as day passed, his motivation did not waver and he saw visible, albeit small, progress. He succeeded in his attempts to prevent a fall almost half the time and felt less exhausted each time he did it.

He had to focus a lot more to compensate the intensity of the motivation to not break the object he was testing his power on, but somehow he managed to clear his head and to will it to slow down. He tested it with multiple objects, varying the size, the mass, colour, shape, material, fragile or not (fortunately for him he was successful when he tried to slow down the fall of a small porcelain figurine his mother had brought back from one of her many trips). Each time it seemed a little bit easier and each time he felt a bit less tired, whether it was the fruit of his ‘training’, as he liked to call it, or something else entirely he couldn’t say. But he was hellbent on continuing his testing.

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