EoP – Part 49

Echoes of Power

Part 49

The only thing that did affect his morale was the fact that he hadn’t heard the voice for a while and that he didn’t know what else he could potentially do, if he was able to do anything else. He had also discovered that saying the word out loud was necessary to make whatever was happening happen. That had discovery had brought questions : could the other words he had heard the voice say do something too? Where did the mysterious voice come from? And why could he hear it? He feared only an extreme stroke of luck would reveal the answer to these questions, having stumbled on one word was already a miracle… Also he still had to find a proper utility for such an ability, but that was secondary, being able to accomplish a miracle was sufficient for now.

When the two teenagers met outside the locker room the next Thursday Alexandre had a slight headache, the voice had decided to make a comeback during the softball training and even though it hadn’t been nearly as intense as before it had still been painful. The brown-haired young man was almost relieved though to notice it was still there and as incomprehensible as ever, its absence during the week had preoccupied him. He had still managed to enjoy the fact that they had had sport instead of biology due to the teacher being on leave. Bryan, on the other hand, had been all the more frustrated not to be able to participate due to his injure and had spent the time sulking on the bench, watching his best friend run around.

“Damn! I’m glad that’s over…” Sighed the dark-haired teen as they walked out of the school building with a sigh, making his best friend smirk.

“I sympathize with your pain man.” He replied mockingly, earning himself a glare from the other teenager.

They walked out of the school grounds and met with a few other students who had decided to go grab a drink before going back home as they had exceptionally  finished early that day, the two boys had accepted gladly. They were almost a dozen to enter the café a few minutes later. The two Abben brothers, Misha and Karl, Rebecca Cruz, that everyone called Miss Cruz in a mocking homage to her constantly getting called out by he teachers, Michael Franklin, a tall quiet boy with shoulder length black-hair, Eloïse Venn and Caroline Armand, two close friends who had gone to the same secondary school as them, Robin David, whom everyone called David because of the confusion in his first name and his surname.

Alexandre wasn’t sure to know the last two, he had heard the boy was called Carlos and the girl Evangeline but only knew them by sight and had never talked to either one. He smiled when he saw the two teens blush as Rebecca called out to them to know if they wanted to drink something. The couple, who had been exchanging sweet words, looked up and blushed as they saw eyes on them. They had been dating since the end of the previous year but their relationship had only been officialized as school had begun again, to the great pleasure of the gossipers but to the dismay of the couple as they prefered to remain discreet.

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