EoP – Part 50

Echoes of Power

Part 50

Alexandre shared his best friend’s opinion of this: he didn’t enjoy toying with people like this even if he couldn’t suppress a smile in these cases. They both disliked being in these kinds of situations and did what they could to avoid it to other people unless it was harmless and very funny. Seeing the two teens like this saddened him slightly though as he thought back to Lydia, it had taken him so long to realize what she was doing to him despite Bryan’s warnings and breaking up with her hadn’t been easy despite all that had happened. He still caught himself missing her from time to time. No, not her, just someone by his side.

His mind then went to Chloe, the cute blonde girl he had met a couple of weeks before, he had contacted a few days back and had suggested they meet the following week-end which she had apparently accepted with pleasure. He was still thinking about what they could do that Saturday though, he had a few ideas but he still hadn’t decided himself. The teenager was brought back to reality when he heard Eloïse’s half-exasperated half-amused exclamation.

“Hey! Stop that!”

“What?” Asked Bryan with a shrug and he tried but failed to seem as inconspicuous as possible. “Did I do something wrong?”

Alexandre noticed his best friend had sat extremely close to the brunette with the long braid and that he was leaning towards her with a broad smile. He also could have sworn he had seen the tan teenager wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at her. She laughed and shoved Bryan away a bit.

“Not in a million years, boy.” The girl retorted with a smirk.

This made Alexandre smile, he was used to his best friend’s overly flirty attitude, but he always overdid things when Eloïse or Caroline were around, the dark-haired teen had been like that since they had met. The booth they had taken was un the shape of a U. Bryan was sitting opposite to him, to Eloïse’s left. Then, still to the left, came Misha, Michael, Rebecca and the couple, the last three were sitting on the middle sofa-like seat. Alexandre was sitting between Caroline to his left and Karl to his right, then, further to the right, came Robin who was sitting near the couple.

“So, what do we order then?” Rebecca asked, picking up a menu from the center of the table.

“Ach! Vodka comrade!” Exclaimed Bryan as he hit the table with his fist, smiling widely.

“Da da!” Echoed Alexandre, Michael and Robin as they hit the table in turn.

“Ein wurst fur mich.” Said Misha, raising his hand and shaking his head as he tried to keep his face serious.

“Same.” Karl managed to say between two giggles as he tried to refrain himself from laughing.

“Tsss, idiots…” Muttered Rebecca as she rolled her eyes.

“I’ll have an iced tea, I need to cool down after all the running I did…” Commented Carlos.

“Same for me, but mint flavored if they have.” Added Evangeline almost immediately.

“I’ll have some soda, orange flavored if possible.” Said Karl, still laughing with Bryan and his brother.

“I’ll have the same.” Said Alexandre with a small smile.

“Well I think I’ll have a cocktail…” Said Rebecca as she nodded to them.

Caroline and Eloïse each chose to have some coffee while Robin went for a hot chocolate and Misha finally opted for a simple glass of sparkling water, earning himself one or two mocking comments. Only Bryan and Michael still hadn’t decided but none of them seemed to want to calm down and choose.

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