EoP – Part 51

Echoes of Power

Part 51

The dark-skinned young woman had to call out to them to get their attention.

“Hey! You two imbeciles!” Exclaimed Rebecca with a frown. “We’re waiting on you two boys so are you going to choose or what?!”

“Uh…” Was all Michael replied.

He and Bryan looked at each other and shrugged.

“Well, in the meantime, I’m sure you won’t mind going to order our drinks will you?” She looked at the others for their approval and the whole both nodded at once, most of them with a large mocking smile.

Even Alexandre found it to be too much fun to defend his friend when he saw the pleading look the dark-haired teen shot him.

“But Beckie…” Bryan then began to whine.

Somehow, despite his easiness to socialize and make new friends, the dark-haired teenager hated having to go talk to people, especially when it wasn’t on his own accord. He didn’t manage to add another word as Rebecca interrupted both of them.

“Either you two go order for us or you pay the bill.” She simply stated.

The threat proved to be efficient as both of them scrambled to their feet and rushed to the bar, not wanting to pay for the others.

“Are you sure they will remember what we want?” Asked Eloïse, turning to Rebecca with a slightly doubtful look.

“We’ll see…” The tan young woman shrugged, then a small smirk spread on her lips. “If they don’t they’ll pay for us…”

The brown-haired girl shrugged at the answer, unconvinced. Alexandre, however, was pretty sure his friend would come back with each of their orders, despite his attitude his best friend was always very attentive to his environment. It was almost scary sometimes. And indeed, a few minutes later, the two young men came back, laughing loudly and with two platters with everyone’s order. Alexandre smirked slightly as he saw Rebecca’s surprised look as she realized that they hadn’t made a mistake, she shot a suspicious look at the dark-haired teen, to which he replied with a large smile and a wink.

“Here miss Cruz, a cocktail for you.” He said with exaggerated politeness as he placed her drink on the table in front of her.

She huffed and simply took her glass, sipping the content through the straw and completely ignoring the amused look Bryan was giving her. The discussion, which had been mostly small talk, then shifted to the classes they had already had and which one each of them preferred. As they kept talking small discussion groups formed and Alexandre managed to learn more about the reason Karl, Misha’s brother, had missed the first few school days. He had been bedridden from the Sunday evening to the Tuesday morning due to a serious bellyache, the young man told him he almost had to go to the hospital, it had been quite a scare. Fortunately things had gotten better after Tuesday and he had been able to come back to school.

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