EoP – Part 52

Echoes of Power

Part 52

Alexandre also talked with Caroline who was apparently a huge fan of mangas too, she had also begun reading Soul King, though not long ago as she was already focused on a few other series, but she was very excited by the prospect of story. Eloïse and Misha soon joined them in the conversation to give their points of view on the story and the different series they had also read. The light-haired teenager noticed Misha had very different tastes from his brother, where Karl preferred TV series and mangas, his brother was more passionate about novels, especially science fiction.

Caroline and Eloïse also seemed to have diverging tastes despite being very close friends since pre-school, the light-haired girl enjoyed action movies whereas her auburn counterpart preferred indie flicks and foreign author movies. She also didn’t especially enjoy reading manga or watching japanese  anime despite being a huge fan of oriental and asian culture.

“You wouldn’t even imagine the time she could spend talking about Japan or China, sometimes I have to shut her up when it gets too annoying…” Explained Eloïse, laughing as her best friend’s face became completely red.

They kept talking long after the couple of the group decided it was time to take their leave, after wishing a good evening to everyone Carlos and Evangeline walked out of the café hand in hand, earning a loud teasing whistle from Micheal. The teenager only laughed louder when he saw the synchronized middle finger they both gave him without looking back.

Alexandre, Misha and the two girls kept talking about their favorite movie of the moment until the main group’s discussion piqued their interest as Karl asked about the year’s school events. As a longtime member of the student council Rebecca was the first one to explain what projects they had already set up and what they had in mind for later. The latino teen had always been a bit bossy, as long as Alexandre could remember, and despite the fact that it took some time to get used to, she was someone to count in one’s friends.

That not only because she was genuinely friendly but also because she knew everyone and everything there was to know about social life. If one needed answers or help with something, they could go to her and be almost sure to come back with what they wanted, for a price of course.

“Information and favors are not free…” She loved to repeat with a huge smile that she tried to make as innocent as possible when someone asked her a favor.

The teenagers talked about that for the rest of the time, which ended up being much longer than what Alexandre had imagined at first for them to have a single drink. They were having so much fun they didn’t even pay attention to time and by the time they finally walked out of the café the sun was already starting to set behind the horizon.

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