EoP – Part 53

Echoes of Power

Part 53

Alexandre and Bryan had separated a block away from the café a bit more than two hours after they had left school, the dark-haired teen had to get back early for a massage session for his shoulder while Alexandre decided to take the long way back, making a detour by the park. He took out his phone and put on his headphones as he walked through the tall arch symbolizing the entry of the green area where many trees, plants and flowers grew and prospered under the careful care of city employees. The teenager decided to walk around, following the silent paths that led between the vegetation and taking in the restful silence around him.

He remembered coming there often with his parents when he was younger, playing with momentary friends around the playgrounds. He always had had so much fun, he could still remembered laughing out loud for hours as he was running around. As he passed under a tall tree he suddenly looked to his right, trying to spot the source of the movement he thought he had seen, but there was nothing, only the soft rustling of the wind on the leaves. It happened to him from time to time, he would pick up something from the corner of his eye, a subtle movement and yet when he looked there was nothing.

Usually it was a leaf or a shadow that had moved but sometimes he really couldn’t say what he thought he had seen. Lately he felt as if someone had been watching him, as if there were eyes on him sometimes. He knew that was just his imagination playing with him but still, since he had discovered his power he couldn’t help it, it made him nervous and he was more tense than usual. I will not let that stupid thing make me paranoid! He thought as he willed himself to relax, letting go a breath he didn’t know he had been holding.

The brown-haired teenager kept walking, listening to his favorite songs as he observed the small animals and the insects that lived all around. He let his thoughts roam free in his mind, reflecting on anything that he could think about at the exception of the strange ability he had, he didn’t want to think about that now. he had been obsessing over it during the last few days and he knew he had to clear his mind a bit. He kept walking, passing by the south entrance of the park and continuing towards the east, his pace deliberately slow and calm.

Once he passed through the eastern arch and left the park, Alexandre headed towards the residential district instead of the commercial center, preferring to take the longer route as it was less crowded and far less noisy. Plus the teenager still wanted to walk, it felt good to do some exercise outside after all those evenings holed up inside to test his strange newfound abilities. Not only on a physical level but on a psychological one too, it felt nice to be able to completely clear one’s mind, or at least almost completely, he still had trouble refraining himself from thinking at all.

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