And here we go again.

And here we are, together once again

dancing in circles around each other

both searching, longing for one another

round and round, in a never-ending waltz.

And once again I am back dear readers!

Yes, it is true, after such a long absence, I have finally returned from the land of the not-here.

Now, let me begin by apologizing for this long, unannounced and unexplained pause on my blog. It wasn’t completely voluntary. These past two weeks haven’t been very easy on a writing point of view, at least not writing for this blog. Why? Well for three big reasons: one, the school year was beginning anew and I had to prepare myself to move to my room so much preparations to do. Two I was also working during the most part of August and I had very little motivation (if not none at all) to write during the last days because I was a bit annoyed by having to work, not that it was hard but it really wasn’t anything I wanted to be doing at that time so I spent all my free time having fun or doing interesting things, which means I didn’t think about updating the blog at all (well I did think about it to be honest, but I wanted to do other things). Three, I had a bit of a crisis in terms of inspiration; I had a few new ideas I wanted to work on (and that I have started seriously writing not very long ago), like the Halo fan fiction project that I had or the new re-writing of my first story that I really want to start over from scratch, and I really wasn’t inspired/interested in working on Echoes of Power, hence the no-update-period of the last days. So, there, you now know why I didn’t update anything at all lately and once again I apologize for that.

But enough of that, the past is in the past now and I am ever-moving toward the future! So, you might ask, what is to come in the near future? Well! First, new chapters/parts of Echoes of Power, which will resume serialization as soon as now! (More like today than immediately now but who cares…) Then, perhaps other things, I have no precise plans for the moment. Ah, perhaps the French section of the blog will finally see the light of day too as I start working on my stories in French again, I’m hesitant to post the old versions of my stories in French here, I don’t know if it’s a good idea since I’m probably going to re-write everything? But I think I might do it ’cause it’s always interesting to be able to compare with what one has done in the past isn’t it? Yeah, thought so.

So, yeah, you might have noticed I talked about re-starting my oldest story from scratch haven’t you? Which story might that be? That would be Of Shadow and Feathers, which I have recently realized isn’t really what I had imagined at first. So I will be starting it over in French at first and then in English, once I have a definite version of a chapter at least. I was thinking about what I could do for the next part of the story in English when I started wondering what I had done in the French version and then I sorta jumped back to the old ideas I had when I was but a young soul and it reminded me what I wanted to do with that story. For my defence, the ideas were really good so that is why I am contemplating the idea of starting everything once more. It will be long and perhaps (surely) not easy but I want to do it and (for heaven’s sake) I want to bloody finish this story once and for all! I need to finish it so that one day I may finally lay at rest!

Anyways, I have been very busy these last few days but I am back with motivation, imagination (I have a lot of ideas to work on! :D), time (more so than before so that is great) and the desire to do something cool and great with these ideas and whatever comes to mind during the time from during to the end of this blog! (May this time be the farthest away possible.)

I hope you haven’t missed me too much, if you did well I apologize once more. I should be a lot more present in the near future!

Ps: I am still looking for an artist (look here for more info) if anyone is interested, all my stories are possible projects I would love to work on with you!

PPs: Part number 54 of Echoes of Power is coming out today! (Here it is! :D)


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