EoP – Part 54

Echoes of Power

Part 54

The young man unconsciously decided to go through a small alley between two large apartment buildings, he was so used to walking through this path when going back home that he could let his legs guide him without thinking. He passed through the barriers blocking the way to non residents and found himself on the other side, a few streets aways from his house. He heard a small crashing sound behind him and was surprised, jumping back slightly. Alexandre turned around and saw one of the lids of the trash cans on the side rolling to the ground. He thought about going back to see what could have caused this but decided to keep going instead, it was probably only a rodent looking for food plus nothing else was moving.

Finally after a moment he found himself in the street directly perpendicular to his own, it was another back alley with houses on one side and a high wall on the other, delimiting a newly bought property which was about to be constructed. He was changing the song when he heard some noise once again behind him, he turned around to look behind him but saw nothing, the alley was completely still and silent. Strange, he thought as he motioned to walk away. He was about to start walking again when he noticed a small shadow near one of the plastic containers a few meters away. He couldn’t see what it was from that distance but it could’ve been a cat or any other small animal of the type.

“Hey there!” he exclaimed with a smile before starting to walk away again.

The animal seemed to be occupied, it looked like it was eating out of one of the trash bags. He looked at it again as he took a slow step towards it and saw the animal motion to its paw, he guessed it was licking it clean, before it resumed its search for food. Alexandre chuckled lightly, he knew these wild rodents could often be dangerous, not because they were necessarily aggressive bt because of the diseases they carried with them, but he still found its attitude cute and he wanted to look more closely. It had a surprisingly dark fur which seemed to undulate with the light wind. The teenager understood later that this small detail was probably what had made him tick and what had in fact helped him avoid the worst.

As he got closer to the spot the animal was eating in he noticed more clearly the undulation of its dark fur in the wind. He squinted his eyes and could almost swear it was somewhat like smoke, it seemed to move in one direction for a second and then change to follow another the next second, he blinked and looked again. No, his eyes weren’t betraying him, he wasn’t imagining things, there seemed to be dark smoke, as dark as night, coming out of the body of the creature. No, even darker than that… It seemed to come from the small animal’s paw and evaporate into thin air, almost as if the paw was itself made of smoke!

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