EoP – Part 55

Echoes of Power

Part 55

Alexandre took another tentative step, a strange feeling creeping up in his mind, and stepped to the side to look at the animal to which the paw belonged. He took a quick step back, almost falling as the sight surprised him, a pair of pure white orbs was looking at him as he finally saw its head. The creature looked somewhat like a cat, its body was that of a feline, but the smoke that surrounded it made the sight seem unreal. The teenager thought for a moment that he was hallucinating. But when it moved, slowly getting up on its four legs, he realized he was awake and that his eyes weren’t betraying him.

He couldn’t see any pupils but somehow he knew the two white spheres were following his every move with attention. The creature, because he couldn’t call it anything else at this point, cocked its head to the side, staring at him intently for a couple of seconds more before suddenly disappearing  into thin air, leaving only a small trail of black smoke where it had been standing. What the…?! Alexandre took a step back in surprise, he quickly looked around but saw nothing, the thing had instantly and completely disappeared.

He hesitated a short moment before taking another step but forward this time, getting closer to the place the creature had been standing to look for any trace of its presence but he found nothing. The dark smoke had completely evaporated, as if it had never been there and he had imagine the whole scene. He couldn’t have dreamt that however, he was sure to have seen it in front of him just as he was sure to be awake! The teenager had never experienced anything of the sort, simple mirages or sometimes a few auditive hallucinations, like the voice for example, had been the strangest thing he had experienced so far.

“Weird…” He muttered as he stood back up.

What was that thing? He had never seen any animal of the sort before, no living being had eyes like this did they? And the smoke around the body? Or was it the body itself that was made of smoke? No, he definitely hadn’t seen anything like it before… Except perhaps in his wildest dreams… Another person would have perhaps thought he or she had been dreaming or hallucinating but Alexandre was more ready to explore another type of answer. After all he had seen strange things himself, especially during the course of the last weeks with his little experiments on his ability. And not even talking about his best friend.

He knew he should have felt scared or at least a bit shocked but the teenager realized the only thing that he could think up was a pile of questions. What was it? How had it disappeared? Where had it gone? What the hell was that? Well, perhaps he was panicking a little bit. But he managed to remain quite calm, at least calmer than anybody else would have been in his situation, and to think about it logically. If his best friend was half wolf and he could do some kind of magic, why wouldn’t there be other strange things out there? The world is big after all…

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