EoP – Part 56

Echoes of Power

Part 56

From the corner of his eye he caught a movement on his left and as he turned around he saw a thin trail of smoke a few meters away coming out from behind a bush. The teenager immediately tensed, the thing was still around and it was hiding. Why? He couldn’t say but this could not mean anything good, things had seemed strange to him since he had left the café, something had been slightly off compared to usually but he couldn’t place his finger on what. There was another sound on his right but this time he saw nothing except the trash cans from before.

This happened two more times, each time at a different spot and at the limit of his peripheral vision, he could sometimes see a faint movement but always too late to follow it. This was definitely starting to get on his nerves, if the creature, whatever it may have been, was doing this on purpose he didn’t find it very funny.

“Okay, what do you want in the end?!” He finally exclaimed as he thought he saw the black trail disappear again.

As if to answer his question the creature almost immediately reappeared in front of him in a small puff of dark smoke. It was standing a few steps away, standing on its two back legs and looking intently at him with its pure white eyes. Alexandre did not waver and looked straight back at it, studying its strange appearance. It was covered in a thin layer of darkness, as if light was swallowed into a black shroud of smoke that seemed to emanate from its body itself, which was small and lean. The only easily discernible trait was its large and completely white eyes, intense and penetrating, as if they could peer directly into the soul.

The creature’s upper body seemed to rise and fall slowly at the rhythm of what Alexandre guessed was its breathing. The young man hesitated to move, he wanted to get closer so badly to look at it but his impression of unease would not leave him and somehow he knew it probably wasn’t as safe as it seemed. He was wondering what creature it could be and how it was possible for something of the sort to exist when it started to vibrate. It began as an imperceptible movement but as seconds passed Alexandre started to notice the movement and it got pronounced as time passed. The smoke that clouded its body stopped flying away in small spirals and began buzzing and moving more erratically, abruptly changing directions and jolting away.

He saw the creature slowly open its mouth, or what he thought must have been its mouth if it had one at all because one could only see a dark hole in its stead. It let out a deep and menacing growl before suddenly jumping towards the young man, red claws protruding from its paws and trying to slash him. Alexandre only managed to evade it thanks to a stroke of luck, his body had reacted on its own and he had instinctively jumped to the side to get away. He released the tension that had been growing inside his muscles since earlier without him noticing, allowing him to get away just in time.

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