EoP – Part 57

Echoes of Power

Part 57

Alexandre turned around as soon as he got his balance back, trying to keep his eyes on the creature and noticed it was holding a piece of dark cloth in its claws. He looked at it for a moment before realizing what had happened. He slowly tilted his head down and noticed the large gash in his jacket close to where the creature had jumped, hadn’t he jumped at that exact moment he would’ve surely been injured, probably quite badly too. It would’ve left him with a large wound on the torso. There was another dark puff of smoke and the creature disappeared again only to reappear a few meters further.

“What do you want from me?!” Alexandre exclaimed as the thing stared intently at him once more.

The creature didn’t reply but tilted its head to the side as if it were pondering something. The teenager had no idea what it was or why it was attacking him, it looked animal if one were to overlook the smoke shrouding its body, but it was definitely something else. Is it even real ? he thought to himself, or am I imagining the whole thing? Damn it! People were probably thinking he was crazy, talking and dancing around like that in a small back alley. But the piece of cloth that was missing from his clothes seemed far too real to be just a dream or a hallucination. Then again that was the thing about hallucinations, they always seemed real…

He saw the creature twitch slightly and immediately knew it was going to attack again, he readied himself, unsure if he would manage such a feat a second time. That thing is too fast… Suddenly he thought about using his power, perhaps it could be of some help here? But it would mean having to focus, which he couldn’t really trust himself to do right now, and he wasn’t even sure it would work on… whatever that thing was. No, he couldn’t rely on it. Too dangerous. Suddenly the creature moved. Alexandre was about to evade its attack when it disappeared from his field of vision, this made him hesitate for a second and by the time he was ready to act he heard a sound from behind.

The teenager turned around and saw the creature, crouched on its four legs, long claw marks streaking the ground in front of it and a small cloud of dust rising behind it. What happened? He was about to prepare himself for a third assault when he felt a cold sensation spread through his body, a sudden pain in the right side of his torso prevented him from breathing. He looked down again and noticed a pool of blood was starting to form on his torn up clothes, his jacket and his tee-shirt were now in pieces and he deduced it must’ve been the same for his torso underneath.

“What the fuck-?” He began as he dropped to a knee as all strength seemed to leave him and he found  himself unable to stand anymore.

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