EoP – Part 58

Echoes of Power

Part 58

He placed a hand to his side and grimaced as a wave of pain surged through his torso. Shit! What the hell was happening? He had to get up and run away from here as fast as he could, this thing was going to kill him if he didn’t! He had to run, immediately! Alexandre tried to get back up but the pain was too great and he was already starting to feel light-headed. He could feel the blood trickling along his legs and onto the ground. Come on! Get up you imbecile! he cried out silently to himself, get up and run or you’re done for!

The teenager tried to get up once more but as he pushed on his arms a searing pain coursed through his body and his mind, his vision blanked for a second and he felt himself fall under his own weight. It took him everything he had just to stay conscious and he lay there on the ground, unable to move. From the corner of his eye he saw the creature getting closer, groaning in a deeper voice than her would’ve expected. Shit shit shit! Come on! He thought again, trying to will himself to move. But his body refused to listen to him, e could do nothing to prevent it from getting closer.

The strange smoking creature stopped a few centimeters from him, staring at him with its glowing white eyes. Then it stood up on its two rear legs before getting even closer, its face almost touching Alexandre’s, the young man could feel its hot breath when it breathed. He tried to push it back, managing to weakly raise an arm in front of him but the creature didn’t even seem to mind this as it pushed it back without a problem and turned him on his back.

He could see the white orbs looking directly into his eyes as if it once again peered into his soul, the teenager swore the creature smile as it displayed the sharp red fangs it its mouth, waiting to sink deep into his flesh.

“No…” He exclaimed weakly as he tried to push it back once again.

But the creature grabbed his arm and pushed it back to the ground with one hand before grabbing his throat with the other, its claws slightly tearing his skin. Enough to hurt badly but not to the point of killing him. At least not yet. Alexandre felt his breaths becoming harder and struggled to take in the much-needed air, the suffocating pain wasn’t helping him at all. He kept struggling but the creature had immense strength and, despite its small size, kept him at bay without any problem. The teenager could feel his consciousness slip away slowly as he was losing his blood and the creature was strangling him. Reality was a blur and he realized he was probably going to die here, in this small and deserted backstreet. Stupid human…  a deep and raspy voice echoed in his mind.

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