EoP – Part 59

Echoes of Power

Part 59

Alexandre didn’t know if it was his imagination or if he had heard it at all. It was different from the voice the other voice, was it the creature’s? No it couldn’t be… Hahaha! He heard it again, but this time he saw the glint of malice in the white eyes and knew that it was indeed the creature’s voice. It was strange, echoing slightly in his head as if… Telepathy? He couldn’t think any more on the subject as a searing pain in his chest brought him back to reality. He had to do something or he was done for…

He couldn’t feel his legs anymore and it was as if icy water was slowly surrounding him, numbing his body and his mind and preventing him from breathing. As the last few drops of oxygen were leaving his lungs the pain was becoming unbearable and his mind was beginning to drift away as the seconds passed. No! He had to resist, he had to fight it, he couldn’t just die like this. But the creature’s strength was out of this world, it seemed to be made of smoke but its body was harder than iron and it burned him when he tried to grab its arm.

Strength wasn’t going to cut it, he had to find another way… No one would be coming for him and besides, if anyone tried to help, what could they do anyway? No, he had to find a solution on his own. The only option that came to mind was to try to use his ability. But that wasn’t as simple as it sounded, he had to focus so much beforehand… and the drawbacks were still intense, he might not even survive this… Oh, to hell with that! he exclaimed inwardly, I have to do something! After a moment of hesitation he closed his eyes and let go, trying to relax. His heart was beating madly in his chest, he had to calm down, he had to visualize what he wanted to do!

Perhaps if he managed to use his power on the creature it would allow him to get away. It wasn’t even sure to work but it was his only option… Come on, focus. The whole scene hadn’t lasted more than a couple of minutes but to him it already seemed like an eternity. Focus! It wasn’t enough, he had to empty his mind and completely concentrate on what he wanted to do, at this rate he was never going to succeed… Damn it! He felt himself slipping away, his mind was less and less alert, it wouldn’t be much longer before… He realized that it wasn’t going to be enough to just will it, he had to want this with his whole being, he had to let go of everything, stop struggling and become one with his power.

Damn! This sounded so cheesy but it was the only way he could see it work. Was he crazy enough to let the creature do whatever it wanted for an almost non-existent chance to survive? It was his only option but- No! No time to hesitate! Alexandre felt something snap in his mind and stopped struggling, letting his body go and focusing his mind on a precise image of what he wanted to do. Let his power roam free against the creature. Perhaps then, if it worked, he might be able to free himself, perhaps. His senses were going wild, his lungs were filled with searing flames and his mind was on the brink of blowing up but somehow he held on. He managed to form an image of his goal, trying to calm his heart down at the same time and somehow, without really knowing why, he found himself praying to the mysterious voice for help…

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