EoP – Part 60

Echoes of Power

Part 60

He was about to try using his power when a wave of intense heat suddenly coursed through his body, he couldn’t help a groan at the painful intensity of the heat but his mind cleared almost instantly when he heard the deep voice echo in his head. It seemed old and commanding, as if it came from a far away place, but he could hear it as clear as if it was coming from his own mouth. It took the teenager a moment to realize it was the voice, the one that had been around since his childhood, and that it was repeating a few words over and over. It was much louder than usual and seemed to gain in intensity as it kept repeating the words.

Alexandre felt his head was really going to blow this time. Not. The. Moment! he managed to utter as he swore. How could he always be plagued with this kind of things in the worst moments? He tried to focus on his power again, struggling to simply for a coherent though as the pain in his body seemed to increase yet again and the voice would simply not shut up. That’s when the thought came to him. Suddenly he was driven by an imperious certainty: he had to listen to the voice, he had to understand what it was trying to tell him, that was the solution.

What else could he do after all? Trying to use his ability was a useless idea, he would die anyway. He struggled to focus on the voice, the echoes it was creating in his mind as it spoke were unbearable and it made comprehension almost impossible. But surprisingly he soon realized he could somehow make the words out.

“Vector janus pyros, esti dante!”

Once he made the five words out from all the other sounds  he understood what he had to do. It wasn’t logical, it wasn’t even a thought-out idea but it was what his instincts were screaming at him to do. He gathered the remaining of his strength before reclaiming control over his body, from which he had managed to partly disconnect himself. That was as if a dam suddenly broke, letting immense waves of pain engulf him and completely paralysing him. It took all he had left to just maintain himself on the brink of consciousness and not just let himself be washed away. Finally he managed to open his mouth, he felt his throat burning hotter than ever and then everything went blank.

Afterwards he couldn’t tell if he had really said it or if everything had just been a dream induced by the lack of oxygen in his body but, anyway, as soon as he had opened his mouth his mind had drifted away. Completely engulfed by the immense space without any sound or light that was trying to swallow him since earlier. He thought he saw one last of intense blue light before finally losing all sense of existence.

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