EoP – Part 61

Echoes of Power

Part 61

Bright and blinding colors danced before his eyes, changing from deep purple to emerald-green to golden-yellow, all mixed up in a whirlpool of thousands of shades, spinning round and round into infinity. It took him a few long minutes to realize where he was, his eyes were blinded by the brightness around him and when he finally was able to open them without feeling excruciating pain burning his retinas the teenager saw the reddening sky over his head as the sun was starting to set. He turned his head slowly and noticed he was lying on the ground on his back in the small alley.

Alexandre tried to get up but his whole body felt like it was on fire and like it had been completely broken. He was about to let out a groan when everything came back to him. He sat up quickly, ignoring his pain as if he couldn’t feel anything, but quickly regretted it when he felt his head start to spin and almost fell back down, struggling not to faint again. He looked around for the creature, fearing that it might attack him again, but saw no sign of it. Had he dreamt it all? Had the attack really happened?

A stinging pain in his right side as he slowly got up, leaning on a nearby trashcan, made him look down at his torso. His jacket and his tee-shirt were still torn up and he could see clotted plot splattered over the cloth, covering the area where he should normally have been able to see his skin. An already half-dried up pool of blood was also visible where he had been lying to a few moments earlier. No, it had indeed happened! But what was that thing? he thought as he straightened back up. Why had it attacked him? And where had it gone? He took a tentative step forward and winced at the pain that made every muscle and nerve in his body scream.

He must’ve been injured quite badly, almost certainly having a few if not all bones broken in his torso… He knew he had to get back home to take a look at all of this, he didn’t know how he was going to explain all this to his father though. The light-haired young man looked around for the creature once more, making sure that it wasn’t hiding somewhere again before taking out his phone from his pocket. The screen was broken a little, perhaps when he had fallen to the ground, but he still managed to see the time it displayed. 19:42. He had been out for almost two hours! He also checked the date, doubt suddenly appearing in his mind, but was relieved to see it as still the same day.

At this point, waking up a few days later wouldn’t have surprised him much more than the rest. Not waking up at all would have seemed almost logical, he had gravely wounded after all… Or at least he felt like it, plus the creature, whatever it was, had tried to strangle him to death, he was extremely lucky to still be alive… The teenager suddenly shivered. How was he still alive? Hadn’t the creature really been trying to kill him? He looked around again as his he tried to understand what had happened but no answer came to him; all he knew was that he had been lucky. Very lucky.

That’s when he noticed the trace of ash on the ground, a step away from him. He was almost sure it hadn’t been there earlier. What the-? His interrogations were interrupted when he realized that despite him being alone until now, anyone could come at any moment and he didn’t want to have to explain what he didn’t understand himself. Slowly he began moving again, picking up his bag with great effort, and shot one last look at the spot where he had been lying before walking away. His right side was extremely painful and it took him almost twice as long as usual to travel across the last hundred meters from there to his house. He had decided to only look at his wounds once he got there, preferring to minimize the risk of fainting again, and the knowledge that any brusque movement might make things worse made him extra careful.

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