EoP – Part 62

Echoes of Power

Part 62

Alexandre fell heavily on the sofa as soon as he got home, unable to move any more. His heart was beating heavily in his chest and he had trouble breathing, his chest was hurting like hell and his whole body was sore. He remained like this for a long time, lying on his back, his arm over his eyes and his chest jerking up from time to time as he took in laboured breaths. His vision was spinning and the details were blurred when the young man finally opened his eyes again but he had less difficulty taking in oxygen. Once he finally felt rested enough to move a little he slowly sat up on the sofa.

The light-haired teenager had never felt so scared and helpless in his life as he had when the creature had been strangling him in the small alley. He hadn’t been able to do anything against its overwhelming strength and he had thought he was definitely done for when it got him to his side. Then he had miraculously managed to get away. He was starting to realize how lucky he was, how impossible it had all seemed when it had tightened its grip around his neck, and how he was still breathing  at that moment. He couldn’t help shuddering slightly.

Then, after a short hesitation, Alexandre slowly and carefully pulled up his T-shirt, apprehension rising inside him as he knew he was about to take a look at the wound the sharp claws had inflicted on him earlier. The teenager couldn’t help a groan as the fabric tore itself from the dried blood, threatening to bring some skin with it, but he kept pulling at it, slowly unveiling the area where he had been struck. He had never believed his parents when they told him that it was much less painful to tear off a bandage in one quick go, rather preferring to do it slowly to limit the instantaneous pain and to dilute it over time. That way it seemed less intense and painful even if pain was still there.

Finally he managed to remove his top completely and let it fall to the ground. The teenager then looked at his wound, opening his eyes to see how bad it was where the monster -he couldn’t find any other word to describe the creature any better- had attacked him. After a quick inspection he sighed: he could only see dried blood, which in itself was a good sign because it meant it had started to heal, and only a small surface of his side was still red with fresh blood. Though it was probably due to the fact that he had torn off a bit of the scab by taking off his shirt.

It’s useless to try to see anything right now, he realized, I have to clean it before I’ll be able to really assess the damage… He sighed again before grabbing the torn piece of cloth on the ground and pressed it against his wound to prevent his blood from running too much before getting up.

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