EoP – Part 64

Echoes of Power

Part 64

The teenager sighed and straightened his head back up, resting it against the hard tiling behind him. He closed his eyes, letting his painful and tired body relax under the warmth of the water. Had he dreamt it all? No, impossible. I have the scars to prove it. But how is it possible that my wounds have healed so much in such a short time? I’m sure that thing got me quite badly… It should still be wide open or at least bleeding… He slowly passed his fingers on the soft pinkish skin. How can I have already healed that much? No logical answer came to him to solve this mystery. But, considering all that had happened to him in the last few hours, not much of this was in fact logical…

Suddenly he remembered the blinding light he thought he had seen right before going unconscious and the ashes he had noticed as he was getting out of the alley. His memory of the incident wasn’t very clear but he was almost sure the voice had made an appearance just before he had lost consciousness and that it had a role to play in this. Had he been the origin of the flash of light? And where had the creature gone? Had it been reduced to ashes? Hence the dark trace he had seen? He couldn’t say.

The only thing he was sure of was that his body was sore and hurting all over, a bit like when he used his ‘gift’, but that he was somehow in one piece. Where he had expected a few broken bones and a huge gash in his side he only had fresh scars. Plus shouldn’t he have died after being strangled like that and losing so much blood? It seemed like some magical hand had somehow deviated the sword that had been hanging over his head at the time and had protected him. Magical… The word echoed in his mind as he thought it. Was it all connected somehow? The voice, his power, the creature? He was almost sure it was but he couldn’t explain how or why.

None of this was normal, none of it was logical and Alexandre was completely lost, it infuriated him not to not be able to find a clear and logical answer to it all. He felt as if he was younger again and he had to deal with what he had seen that evening all over again. Was he supposed to tell Bryan about this? He had almost lost his life, or at least he believed he had, so it wasn’t something to take lightly. And his best friend would surely have answers to his questions. But also more questions… How would the dark-haired teen react? Alexandre didn’t know. He closed his eyes, letting his body relax under the agreeable feeling of the warm water against his skin.

They had been best friend for years now and something like that wasn’t to take lightly. It could potentially destroy their friendship… On the other hand he had come out of it unscathed, almost, so was it really necessary to tell anyone? Yes, it was. But the real question was did he want to tell anyone? No. Not for anything in the world did he want to burden his father or Bryan with he knowledge he had almost died and that he was experimenting with things he didn’t understand. No, he made his decision, he wouldn’t tell them. At least not yet. After a while perhaps, but not yet. He had to think about all this first and try to find answers, he had to understand.

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