EoP – Part 65

Echoes of Power

Part 65

They had been best friend for years now and something like that wasn’t to take lightly. It could potentially destroy their friendship… On the other hand he had come out of it unscathed, almost, so was it really necessary to tell anyone? Yes, it was. But the real question was did he want to tell anyone? No. Not for anything in the world did he want to burden his father or Bryan with he knowledge he had almost died and that he was experimenting with things he didn’t understand. No, he made his decision, he wouldn’t tell them. At least not yet. After a while perhaps, but not yet. He had to think about all this first and try to find answers, he had to understand what was going on.

The stars were clearly visible through the window of his room when the teenager finally lay down on his bed. He felt as if he hadn’t slept in days, the earlier events had completely drained him as much physically as it did mentally, it seemed like a week’s worth of things had happened in such a short time. He had managed to get out of the bathroom after almost half an hour in the shower, the water was starting to get cold when he had decided to move, and to put his clothes to wash before getting dressed again. That had been the easy part, cleaning the mess he had made on the couch and all the way to the first floor, not so much.

He had managed, with great efforts and dedication, to clean almost everything, leaving only sightly darker spots here and there. The only proof that he had almost died that day were his torn up shirt and the scars on his chest. Well, there was also the pain, but luckily he could manage to not let it show when he moved. Plus he was almost certain he had nothing broken or badly injured so it was good. Just need a bit of time to heal. A large plate of spaghetti and well cooked steak helped ease the pain away, the teenager found that one was always more efficient on a full stomach. He scrubbed away the last red spots in the shower almost a full hour before his father got back.

Luckily the older man had had to remain on call that evening too, a problem at a new company a few hours away had kept him from coming back too early. From what Alexandre could tell his father didn’t notice anything strange or different as they both talked about their day while David was eating a well deserved meal. The teenager had finally been able to go rest after washing up the plates and the rest of the dishes. He couldn’t repress a sigh once his head finally touched his pillow, his body was hot, much too hot, and his muscles felt like they were made out of bricks. The teenager spent a few minutes thinking about potential explanations for the presence of the mysterious creature and wondered about its existence before he realized that sleep was getting to him and he let himself fall into its relaxing arms.

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