EoP – Part 66

Echoes of Power

Part 66

They alley was dark and cold but it was narrow, it could only allow one person to pass at a time and that was probably what had saved him. They had been following him since the fall of day, as soon as darkness had taken over its realm they had crawled out of the darker spots, their long limbs first, as black as onyx and shrouded in even darker mist, and their eyes as red as blood, burning with a hellish fire. They were silent but their intent was obvious, he could almost hear them say it. Kill him! Kill the human! They were exactly like the one he had seen in that alley but this time they were many, like a swarm, a silent and deadly swarm.

He ran as fast as he could but his lungs were on fire and his body was heavy, he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep it up for much longer; he would have to stop at one point and they knew it. He is getting tired, I can feel it! He cursed and tried to accelerate as much as this narrow path allowed him to, if he stopped or tripped, even for a second, he was dead. His scars were somehow reacting to the monsters’ presence, they seemed to get warmer the closer the creatures got. It had just been a minor itch at first but now it was almost unbearable, as if someone had replaced his flesh with searing iron.

And the voice screaming in his mind didn’t help either, he felt his head was about to split in two. It had started getting increasingly louder and louder as the monsters had become more numerous, as if it could somehow sense their presence. He couldn’t even focus on a way out. He was doomed, or at least he would be in a few seconds. They were closing in, he could feel it. Suddenly the narrow street got larger and the teenager walked in a huge open space, a field of brown earth, surrounded by tall and ancient-looking buildings made of white stone. As he reached its center he realized it resembled some kind of arena, like the ones where gladiators used to fight in the olden times. As he ran he looked up, either it was an extremely dark night or the sky was somehow… missing; as if it had been swallowed into the void. This last thought made him feel uneasy.

He realized too late it was a trap. The swarm of creatures was all around him, pouring through the many small openings between the buildings, and circling around him, cutting any possible escape route he had He was surrounded, their glowing red eyes were closing in on him. It was over, it was the end. The young man did something he never thought he would have the courage to do, instead of trying to run away he calmly accepted his fate, he took in a deep breath and closed his eyes, waiting for his fate to catch up with him. The ravenous cries of the monsters were getting closer very fast. At least it would be a quick death…

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