EoP – Part 67

Echoes of Power

Part 67

Then, instead of the feeling of the sharp claws hacking away at his limbs and cutting down his flesh, Alexandre felt his body warm up extremely quickly. The heat seemed to come from his scars, felt the searing pain from earlier become even more unbearable, if it was possible at all, and spread all over his skin. Everything became burning hot around him and he heard surprised cries coming from all around him and the beginning of a rout before silence took over again. When he opened his eyes he first thought he was in a room filled with a blinding light. Again? He thought as he realized the sight was somewhat familiar, he couldn’t remember exactly why though.

As his eyes started getting used to the blinding whiteness around him the teenager realized he wasn’t in a room, he was still in the strange place that looked like an arena, only he was in the center of a sphere of burning fire. A huge ball of fire, with long flames sprouting out of it from time to time, that was levitating a few feet over the ground and he was in the middle of it, apparently unscathed and unaffected by the fire. How-? He started thinking but he didn’t have time to formulate his thought completely. The burning sphere started to spin around his body, faster and faster, its temperature increasing as it did so.

The fire went from a dark shade of orange to a light shade of yellow before it finally became white; it was now spinning so fast it was impossible to discern the flames, they were lost in a blazing whirlwind. The young man could see the monsters still down there, looking at him with their red eyes from a little farther than before, as if they were somehow afraid now. He felt his consciousness starting to slip away slowly. No, don’t. Let. Go. He had to keep it together, if he let himself go now he didn’t know if he would ever wake up again. The strain was unimaginable. The pain from earlier had somehow diminished, though the heat was still there, but he felt as if now it was his mind that was being torn apart.

An eternity seemed to have passed when a voice boomed around him. The creatures, which surrounded him from all directions a few feet below, suddenly all took a step back. Some cowered back into the shadows and other covered their eyes and whimpered, but most of them glared at the light with a menacing glint in their eyes, as if they hated the voice even more than they hated the fire.

Bear witness to the old of olds, the first flame of the first fire, bask yourselves in its olden light and let your souls be cleansed in its flames.

The voice echoed throughout the open space and far beyond the buildings, into the abyss of the night. As soon as it had said the last word the sphere got even brighter and Alexandre felt it explode from inside himself, however that was possible. He saw the fire spread quickly all over the arena, instantly turning the monsters it touched into ashes. He closed his eyes, unable to take in the sight anymore, and heard the cries of despair as the creatures were all wiped out in a matter of seconds. When he opened his eyes again he was lying in his bed, dripping with sweat, his whole body shaking uncontrollably.

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