EoP – Part 69

Echoes of Power

Part 69

The only thing that passed through his mind before it went blank was that he was glad to have somehow thought about putting on his shoes. Alexandre barely registered the houses and the streets he passed by as he ran, he was moving at full speed, getting as far away as he could as fast as he could. He had to get away, he had to somehow escape that wicked reality he was trapped in, something wasn’t right, he was supposed to be dead… The world around him felt like it was falling apart, it was being torn down to pieces. No. It wasn’t the world, it was him, he was going completely insane. These thoughts fueled his desire to escape and the only way he could think about was running, running faster, further and never looking back. The light-haired teenager had no idea why he was running, nor from what or towards what but somehow he felt he had to.

Finally he was too exhausted to keep going, he stopped and, unable to stand anymore, he let himself fall on the grass of one of the small hills that surrounded the town. He couldn’t tell how long he had been running but the sun seemed to be much higher in the sky than earlier. It took him a few long minutes to slow his heart down and steady his breathing, his chest was on fire and the rest of his body was numb, he couldn’t move at all, even thinking seemed to be impossible. His mind was completely blank. But somehow he felt lighter, he wasn’t weighed down by his thoughts. The teenager basked in this feeling of freedom for as long as it lasted before being pulled back to reality.

“What the hell was that?!” He muttered as he slowly sat up, taking off his shoes to ease the wave of pain that was beginning to rise in his feet.

It had felt as if he had suddenly woken up from a dream. Or from a nightmare, whichever was worse. How could he have been okay with all this? How? I should have died back there… I should be dead for heaven’s sake! How am I still alive? And how the hell can I simply accept that calmly? He could move objects against the laws of logic with a simple word and it hadn’t fazed him much more than that when he had discovered it… On the contrary, he had quickly accepted it and even toyed with it as often as he could! And his best friend… His best friend was-

“A werewolf!” He exclaimed, throwing a punch in the air with a frustrated sigh.

Bryan was a freaking werewolf and he had never questioned that fact twice, not even as much as blinked when he had witnessed him transform. How? How could he have been so calm, so stupid not to realize what was going on? Something was definitely wrong. Alexandre looked around, his eyes focused on the horizon as he watched the thin cloud of mist move over the high peaks of the distant mountains. His gaze then moved to his hands, focusing on the palms. He could move objects by some kind of unbelievable magic. He could freaking move objects with his freaking mind. Yup, something was definitely wrong with him.

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