EoP – Part 70

Echoes of Power

Part 70

He remained like this for a long time, it seemed like hours to him, his gaze focused on his hands but his mind trying to wrap itself around the aberration that was his life. Alexandre had never been one to really let himself succumb to panic or fear but this time he couldn’t help it, nothing made sense. His whole life made no sense. He had always thought he was crazy, mostly because of the voice, but somehow he had managed to remain on the better side of his sanity, he had kept it together, knowing it wasn’t anything more than his mind going haywire. But this… Him slowing down falling objects, the voice whispering the words to him, the creature’s attack where he should have died and the fact his friend was a creature coming straight out of horror stories, if it wasn’t crazy what was it?

Not dying was, in a strange and twisted way, probably the worst part of it. It made no sense. He didn’t understand how a creature like the one he had seen could exist, it also seemed to have come straight out from a nightmare, but what he couldn’t deal with was that he had not passed away from his wounds. He was almost certain he had been mortally wounded, the pain and the feeling of losing his grasp over reality, he had not imagined that. He had literally felt himself slip away. And yet, a few minutes -or had it been hours?- he had woken up, a bit sore but completely alive and with cleanly healed wounds. How? Why? Answers; that was the thing he had least but that he needed most. He needed to understand what it all meant, why it was happening? He sighed and looked up at the horizon again.

A few passersby were walking on the path around the hills, taking their time to enjoy a pleasant stroll under the warm sun. The teenager noticed the quick looks a few of them shot him as they passed nearby and he finally realized he wasn’t wearing anything else than his shorts. Heh, he couldn’t help but giggle as he imagined how he must have been looking. Probably pretty much how I feel right now… this thought made him smirk slightly as he eased himself in a more comfortable position and closed his eyes to relax.

Nothing made sense to him, that much he knew was not questionable. But it didn’t mean that it made no sense in the absolute. There must be an explanation. Alexandre then realized that he had somehow managed to calm down. Things didn’t seem any less scary and he could still sense fear in the back of his mind but running had helped clear his mind a bit. He couldn’t explain or understand any of what was happening to him but, somehow, he knew that there was an explanation out there and that he would eventually find it. As for whether he was crazy or not though, that was an entirely different question.

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