Back. Not in black but from slack, which isn’t bad.

Hey. I’m back.

Well, ‘back’, that’s a cute word. I hadn’t really left in fact, but I didn’t publish anything this previous month (yup, 30 days without anything new, can you imagine that?!).

Reason was : I wanted to focus on my studies to get into the right rhythm of work for this year and I also had a lack of inspiration which resulted in a lot less motivation last month. I spent a lot of time thinking about the stories I was writing and the way I was writing them. This forced me to reconsider many of my ways of working and to realize that what I had accomplished until now, despite being big, wasn’t nearly as good as what I wanted to make at first. It discouraged me a bit, I have to admit.

Realizing what you have done for years doesn’t suit you is not a good thing, and I’ve got a slight notion of this since it also happened in my studies, it took me three years of non-motivation and unhappiness to finally admit I wanted something else. The same goes, in a way, for my stories. I am doing something I love by writing them, by putting my ideas into words but I’m not satisfied.

This resulted in two separate decisions : one, I would take a deep and long look at each of my stories and ponder whether it was worth it to continue like this or to change my ways of telling them. Two, I would rework those that really needed it from scratch and keep writing the others like I was doing it while trying to get better at doing it. It isn’t easy because I’ve put a lot of work into these stories and having to start over is very demoralizing. But it has also made me accept the fact that I can’t do something perfect on the first try, it sometimes take failing to make something good.

So here is the plan I have come up with and to which I will stick for now :

I will keep writing Echoes of Power in the same format as before, short chapters of about five hundred words, and work back on it over time as I turn these small parts into real chapters and put them online that way. It means that there will still be a chapter a day but from time to time you will also see a complete chapter, made from the aggregation of the different parts, pop up. It’ll have been reworked and will probably be a bit different, god knows I need to read what I wrote again to correct the awful mistakes I’m sure I have made. The story will continue normally however, you will get to see how the plot evolves little by little. I have begun posting again since last week so check it out if you’re interested.

About Of Shadow and Feathers now. This is a bit trickier because I have realized that the way I had written the story wasn’t what I had started with, it wasn’t how I wanted to tell it so I have to start over from scratch and it might take some time to get it back online. Plus I have decided to focus on the version in French for the moment, I’m a lot more comfortable to write it that way. It will definitely come back in English some day but not in the near future (unless you can’t live without it, in which case I’ll try to make an effort I promise!).

I have also been reviewing my other projects but for the moment none of them is ready to start being published/posted here. Plus I’ve long realized that working on multiple stories is good to overcome writer’s block but sadly it divides the time I can dedicate myself to a specific one (namely Echoes of Power and Of Shadow and Feathers), I will try to focus only on these two a bit more from now on.

As for my inspiration, don’t worry, it’s back (along with my motivation) so I will be updating quite often. All I hope is that you enjoy my ideas as much as I do when I’m writing!

Thank you for reading and see you soon, dear reader!


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