EoP – Part 71

Echoes of Power

Part 71


A small smile spread on the teenager’s lips when he saw the small rock slow down as it fell back down, landing softly in the palm of his hand. He felt the familiar sensation of cold spread through his body in a wave at the moment where he uttered the seemingly magic -for a lack of a better definition- word. This exercise was getting easier, he still had to give it multiple tries from time to time but he almost always managed to make his power appear in the end. After calming down a little he had tried to clear his mind but his thoughts were on his encounter with the creature and everything else that was linked to that.

This thinking had somehow driven him to try his ‘ability’ again, not to make sure it was still there like previous times but, for once, to try it for the sake of using it. Also, he realized, it somehow helped him remain calm and not let th panic resurface. That cold feeling spreading all over his body and the exhaustion that slowly piled up after each use made Alexandre feel alive and in that moment there wasn’t anything else he wanted. He repeated the process over and over again, each time throwing the rock in the air while focusing on it and as soon as it started to slow down, in the moment just before it began it descent, he said pronounced the word.

Once or twice it didn’t succeed and the small object simply fell back into his hand without even reacting, but after training his ‘ability’ almost everyday since he had discovered it he had a success rate of about eighty percent. Somehow, he also realized, he seemed to need less concentration than the previous times and to be a bit less tired afterwards, but that was perhaps just his imagination. As he said the word once again and felt the small weight press on his skin with a slight delay once more he looked up at the view of the valley before him. he had climbed up high enough on the hill to dominate almost the whole town, he could see how it was divided into two parts by the riverbed and how it stretched far out of view behind the western hills.

A couple was sitting at a picnic table a few hundred yards away and an old woman was walking her dog along the wavy path down the hill. The young man also noticed a bunch of kids running around in the distance, each trying to catch a football that the fastest one pushed in front of him with joyous cries. He also momentarily locked eyes with a lone man wearing a long jacket and a navy blue scarf who was standing at the top, taking in the scenery, and who gave him a strange look, narrowing his eyes, as he looked at him. He simply tilted his head slightly towards the young man, in a quick salute, before walking away.

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