EoP – Part 72

Echoes of Power

Part 72

Alexandre smiled and focused on his hands again. He rolled the small piece of rock between his finger as his thoughts wandered once again to his ability. Was this all he could do? He had already wondered about that but never so seriously. If he could do something so incredible and unbelievable, couldn’t he do anything else? Like when the monster attacked. He froze for an instant as he remembered the creature attacking him, the voice screaming in his head and then nothing. It had somehow been reduced to ashes, he was now sure of it, but how? Had it even been his doing at all? He wasn’t sure, there was no way to be sure.

The words though, he was almost certain that he had pronounced the words the voice had been saying just before everything had gone black. So perhaps… No. He couldn’t be sure of anything, perhaps making objects slow down when they fell was the only extraordinary thing he would be able to do all his life. He had to wait. But I’ve already waited and apart from almost getting killed, what did I accomplish? Nothing. Only more uncertainty.

“This is all so frustrating!” He exclaimed as he threw the rock a few meters away.

There was no way he could understand what was really going on to him if he simply waited for things to come to him. He had to act! But how? The only person he could think of that would perhaps know something about all this was Bryan, but telling his best friend was out of the question, he had made a decision. But then how? Suddenly the thought of his best friend popped into his mind and he realized he was there, alone on a hill, simply dressed in shorts and ditching classes to throw a rock up in the air over and over again. Probably time to go back… He thought as he looked at the sun which was still rising in the sky. Enough moping around, I’ve got things to do.

Whatever he might be able to do, he wouldn’t get very far on his own and only half-dressed. He had to go back home and resume his life as if nothing had happened, no need to worry his father or to give anymore reasons of being nosy to his friend. The teenager mechanically touched the large scars on his torso as he thought about what he was going to do. He stood up with a grunt and started walking towards the top of the hill. Once he reached the terrace that offered a great view of the valley below he started running slowly again, somehow it was helping a little and he wasn’t about to refuse this welcomed feeling of relief that it procured.

As he started climbing down the road towards the town center he noticed the man with the blue scarf sitting on a bench not far away, his eyes were closed as if he was sleeping. He was apparently unfazed by the loud cries and shouts coming from further away where the group of kids were still joyfully playing together, making the most of the great weather.

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