EoP – Part 73

Echoes of Power

Part 73

Where have you been man? I’ve been trying to call you since this morning!

He had received almost a dozen messages from his best friend since the early morning and the response had come almost immediately after he had replied to him. Of course Bryan was worried, he knew it wasn’t in his habits not to reply to texts almost as soon as he go them.

“It either means that I’m really sick or that I’m soon to be dead…” He was jokingly told him a few years back, to which the dark-haired teen had scoffed and nodded.

“More that you are already dead.” Bryan had replied with a smirk.

“Yeah, well I like to reply to texts quickly, it’s more polite…” Alexandre had defended himself with an ironic scowl.

The fact that he hadn’t responded since he had woken up that morning must have at least made him wonder what might have happened. In any case his best friend knew something was wrong. This was one of the reasons he often communicated by texts instead of calling him directly, the dark-skinned teenager had some sort of sixth sense for these things, it was actually quite scary sometimes. He could guess pretty accurately when something was wrong with him and, especially, guess what was wrong on top of that.

Of course it was a welcomed gift when he wasn’t feeling okay and he wanted to talk with someone who could understand without asking too much, but in his current situation Alexandre prefered not to let his best friend use his incredible instinct -he had sometimes wondered if this wasn’t linked to the fact he was a werewolf- to try to guess what was going on. Nope, out of the question! He had found the house in the exact same state as he had left it when he had come back, which wasn’t very surprising considering the neighborhood was quite calm and had almost never seen any theft or robbery. But it made the light-haired teen realize his stupidity : he hadn’t locked the door when he had run out, anyone could have just gone in and taken anything they wanted and he wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it. Only mope and try to explain how he could have been so stupid to his father afterwards…

Alexandre had taken a long, cold shower to cool off immediately after arriving. He had run all the way from the top of the hill to the front of the house, only stopping once at a crossing to wait for a traffic ligth to turn green, and then running at full speed again until he reached the front door. This had left him panting and dripping with sweat, his whole body was aching but he didn’t care, he somehow felt relieved. Finally, after drying himself up he decided it was time to reply to his friend. It was already way past noon and, despite knowing that if he left immediately he would be able to make it for the afternoon classes, Alexandre decided against it. He was too exhausted, both physically and mentally, for anything else. He’d have to come up for an explanation for his father in the evening, but first he had to convince Bryan he was just sick, and that wasn’t easy. He was about to finish writing his second message to his best friend, explaining what had happened, or at least the official version of it, when he received a text from Chloe.

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