EoP – Part 74

Echoes of Power

Part 74

“No way! She texted you?! Wow man, I’m really divided here. You’ve definitely got a catch but you’re incredibly stupid not to have been the one to have asked her out first!” Exclaimed Bryan, trying look as annoyed and disappointed as possible as he looked at his best friend.

“Well, for my defense, I was going to do it soon!” Replied Alexandre defensively.

“Well soon was not soon enough for her taste apparently!” Said his best friend. “So what did you reply? Tell me you asked her out!”

The dark-haired teen had been waiting to talk to him for the last two days, he had indeed been quite worried after the light-haired teen’s absence from school the day before but had somehow been convinced by the explanation that he had been given. Alexandre had told him he had not been feeling well all morning, giving a few graphic details about an imagined moment in the bathroom just for the kicks of it (hearing Bryan almost throw up on the phone made him laugh for quite a moment after that), and telling him that he wouldn’t be able to make it that afternoon. After talking about the morning classes and agreeing to meet the next day if Alexandre was better, Bryan finally agreed to leave him alone for the moment.

“Yeah, I did, don’t worry.” Replied Alexandre.

“Well?!” Asked Bryan after a moment of silence that he knew his best friend was creating simply to mess with him.

“Well…” Started Alexandre. “I offered to meet early in the afternoon and to spend it at the park.”

“Wait… what?! And she agreed to that?!” Shouted Bryan as he rose up from the bench.

“Well yeah…” Nodded Alexandre.

“Wow. Man, I have to tell you, you have a catch there! A girl who agrees to meet you to go to the park… That’s a miracle! Don’t screw this up!” Exclaimed the dark-haired teen.

“Or what?” Smirked his best friend.

“Well for one, I will personally come to kick your ass.” Said Bryan.

Alexandre cringed, he could distinctly see his friend coming to his house for no reason than to simply kick his ass for not doing well on his date. It was well into his character. The dark-haired young man was somewhat of a second father to him, his own being at work most of the time, someone had to look after him. Or so had Bryan said once, a wide smirk plastered on his face. And it was true, it wasn’t that his father was a bad parent, Alexandre loved him very much, but he was indeed away most of the time and couldn’t always be there to put him back in the right tracks or to help him. The previous day was a good example of this. David Parson hadn’t been back before 9pm, giving his son all the time in the world to come up with an excuse as to why he hadn’t been to school that day. It hadn’t been hard to convince him, it was very rare for the teenager to skip school for other reasons than sickness so his father asked no question and simply agreed to help justify his absence that day.

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