EoP – Part 75

Echoes of Power

Part 75

That could be a pain sometimes, Alexandre missed spending time with his remaining parent, the other being hundreds of miles away all year round. But it had its perks which he wouldn’t give up for anything in the world. Like having the house to himself a lot and not being kept an eye on as often. Of course, lately it helped him greatly when he wanted to try his ability. It had perhaps also put him in grave danger a couple fo days before but he had made it alive and almost unharmed hadn’t he?

“And,” Resumed Bryan with a dark smile that almost sent a shiver to his friend. “and two, I will forever make fun of you for it. Plus she seems like a nice girl, just make an effort for once!”

“Yeah, I know Bryan, she is really cool. I swear I’ll be on my best behavior!”

“Yeah, you better!” Bryan paused for a moment as he looked towards the skate park where a few teenagers were practising their moves. “So, just an afternoon in the park? That’s not so bad, all things considered, but didn’t you think of anything more interesting?”

“Like what?” Asked Alexandre. “You want me to take her to the movies now?”

“No. That’s not what I meant. But why not, for example, invite her for a picnic in the park instead of just spending time doing nothing? At least you’ll surprise her a little, she’d love that I’m sure.”

For once Alexandre took his friend’s advice seriously, a picnic seemed like a good idea. He had thought of it of course but too briefly to really consider it.

“It could work.” He agreed with a nod.

“It will work. Alex, she agreed to go to the park a whole afternoon with you! If this doesn’t mean she is giving you a chance, I’ve got it all wrong about women since the beginning!” Exclaimed Bryan with a smirk.

“Okay, a picnic it is then.” Decided the light-haired teen.

“Awesome. Now, not to be annoying, but a few pointers: one, call her to tell her that there’s a change of plans.  Tell her to come meet you earlier but, two, don’t tell her what you’ve got in mind. She’ll like the surprise. And third, make sure to prepare things you are sure she will like, don’t be the guy who brings a meatball gun to a vegan fight. The safest way is asian food I’d say, or something with a bit of everything, just in case she has major distaste.” Explained Bryan, his face completely serious.

“Wow, let me write all this down sensei. Your teachings are so enlightening!” Replied Alexandre with a smirk.

The dark-haired teen had been looking away but he turned towards his friend at this remark and noticed the mocking smile he had on his face.

“Tss, I’m just trying to help you man. You don’t want to lose any chance you have with her do you?” He exclaimed with a scoff.

“No. But I don’t plan to ‘score’, as you might say yourself, Mr Stinson. I just want to spend a good time with her.” Alexandre noticed his best friend rolling his eyes in an exaggerated way at his comment and his smirk widened.

“That is, for once, not what I meant. I just want to help you do things right… When are you two seeing each others anyway?” He then asked.

“Uh, next saturday.” Replied the light-haired teen.

“Well you’ve got work to do then!” Said Bryan as he clapped in his hands before standing up.

“Yup!” Nodded Alexandre with a smile. “So, wanna play?” He asked as he grabbed the basketball he had brought with him.

Edit (15/11/2015): I changed the date of the ‘date’ from “tomorrow” to the “next week end” because of a plot incoherence that has been bugging me since last week.

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