EoP – Part 76

Echoes of Power

Part 76

The first part of the following week seemed to pass extremely fast for Alexandre. He had so much things on his mind between the teachers already planning exams and giving them extra work, spending time with Bryan and the rest of the group and planning his date with Chloe the week-end after, that he didn’t find much time to test out his ‘ability’ a bit more. That and perhaps he was scared about the consequences. Even if he didn’t know the creature’s exact motives he was almost certain that it had attacked him because of his ability. There was no other logical explanation to that could think of: why else would some being that looks like it does not come from this world would try to kill him? If he was somewhat special it was certainly because of that. Or, there was an unknown variable to all this and he hated unknown variables.

Strangely that feeling of speed was paradoxical, days seemed to have rolled by once school was over but he felt that each class lasted for a an eternity. Not that it was particularly uninteresting, he still loved Sport, Japanese and English classes, but somehow time seemed to stretch for no reason. Strangely enough the voice in his head didn’t manifest much either, apart from a small episode the next Tuesday evening he almost forgot that it was even there. All this led up to him feeling quite stressed. Only thanks to Bryan’s help with the preparations for his date did he manage not to break down. He had tried to play it cool with his best friend as they discussed all the things that he could do with the blonde girl during their outing but had failed miserably, only to end up getting mocked by the dark-haired teen.

“Come on man, it’s not funny!” He had exclaimed.

“Oh yeah it is!” Bryan had replied. “Just watch yourself, you’re almost threatening to blow up from stress! Calm down, it’s gonna be fine!”

“Tch whatever…”

He had only managed to decide himself after almost an hour on the phone with Bryan, asking for advice and trying to find a good idea. This had helped Alexandre calm down a little, which in turn had contributed in him deciding to try using his power again. Somehow, over the last few days, he had become a lot better at slowing small objects down, he succeeded almost every time he tried with things the size of the rubber ball or smaller. He had started trying it out on bigger objects, like a book or his basket ball but either it failed miserably or it tired him out a lot more a lot faster. This frustrated him because the progress he had managed to make with the ball seemed to amount to nothing with anything larger, it frustrated him almost as much as not being able to understand how he was doing it or why he had this ability.

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