EoP – Part 77

Echoes of Power

Part 77

The impression of a shadow moving in the corner of his eye or a sudden chill spreading in the back of his neck didn’t really help reassuring him of the contrary. Could be the stress talking though… But even if he wanted to convince himself of that fact he wasn’t really sure and it bugged him. Strangely, the closer he seemed to get to his awaited meeting with Chloe, the slower the days seemed to pass. The last two days of school were the longest, as if a whole week had managed to insert itself into forty-eight hours. Both he and Bryan spent time with the rest of the group that had gone to the bar the previous week, except for Michael who apparently had very important driving lessons at the same time that Thursday, with whom they went to do some shopping. Apparently Rebecca, Eloise and Caroline needed new dresses and, to Bryan’s surprise, Robin had agreed to go quickly, he had apparently been lacking a pair of sport shoes.

“Oh eff it then…” Had said the dark-haired teen to his best friend with a small sigh. “We don’t seem to have a choice so let’s go then…”

“Hey! No complaining!” had exclaimed Rebecca, who had somehow heard his comment from a few feet away.

“Well only if we go grab a drink after that Miss Cruz!” Had replied Bryan in an indignant tone.

“Yeah, whatever.” She had shrugged in response.

They had ended up spending almost an hour and a half walking around the different shops of the commercial center to Bryan’s despair and to Alexandre’s greatest amusement. The light-haired teen enjoyed teasing his friend but it was always so much fun when he could just watch him squirm. The only one who hadn’t seemed to mind so much was Carlos as he strolled casually along the alleys while his girlfriend joined the three other girls.

“How does he do that?” Had questioned Bryan as they had just entered the fourth shop.

“Dunno. Higher tolerance to pain I guess…” Had offered Robin.

“Nah David. Just one of the things you get used to when you are in a couple…” Had replied the young man in question from behind them.

“One of the horrors of dating you mean…” Had huffed Bryan.

“That’s a way to put it.” Had nodded Carlos with a smirk.

“What are you guys talking about?” They’d heard Angeline’s voice ask from a few rows of clothes away.

“I was telling the guys how we do this quite often actually!” Had replied Carlos as he turned towards her with a smile.

“Oh, okay!” His girlfriend had smiled back before focusing on the clothes Rebecca was showing her.

“Sometimes I wonder if she doesn’t actually have a sixth sense…” He had then commented more quietly with a smirk, which made Alexandre and Bryan laugh.

The rest of the afternoon had gone a bit faster, which had been mostly due to the fact that they weren’t doing any more shopping according to Bryan. They had spent almost an hour in a small café inside the mall before finally deciding it was time to go, the group disbanded, Bryan and Alexandre going their own way while the rest each took a different direction.

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