EoP – Part 78

Echoes of Power

Part 78

“So?” Asked Bryan, his face betraying a slight nervousness as he looked at his friend.

“So what?” Replied Alexandre quizzically.

“So…how did it go?!” Exclaimed the dark-haired teen, starting to get annoyed.

“How did what go?”

Alexandre struggled to keep his cool as he asked that, he could almost physically see the frustration that was gaining his best friend and it took him all  he had to refrain from cracking and letting loose the wide smile that threatened to appear on his face. He wasn’t going to last much longer, but he had to at least make the most of it, so he tried to keep his face emotionless for as long as he could. He saw Bryan’s incomprehension and annoyance boil in his eyes but still managed to keep a straight face until the dark-haired teen opened his mouth to speak a third time.

“Oh come on man! I’m just playing with you…” He finally admitted, refraining a fit of giggles.

“You know that I’m going to kill one day, don’t you?” Simply replied Bryan as he massaged his temples after a moment of silence.

“Yeah, I do!” Replied Alexandre with a mocking smile. “But it will have been worth it!”

“Ugh… seriously…”

“Hey, that was funny! Well, at least for me…” The light-haired teen argued.. “But to answer your question, it went great!” He added, his smile getting larger.

“Oh really?” Asked Bryan, unable to resist smiling too.

“Yeah, really. Thanks for your advice. That helped a lot!” Nodded Alexandre as he sat down on a bench in the school yard.

Bryan sat down beside him. The sky was clear and the sun was bathing the whole area in its warm light. The two teenagers had been surprised to learn that the second half of their morning classes had been cancelled due to the teachers being unavailable at that time. They had therefore decided to go outside and make the most of the great weather that had been around since the beginning of the school year, the fear of rain coming back soon had them spending almost all of their time outdoor. This welcome break allowed them to discuss their week-end and especially Alexandre’s date with Chloe, which the light-haired teen knew Bryan had been dying to hear about.

Alexandre had purposefully refrained from talking about it earlier that day just to piss the tanned teen off, but he knew he owed him a detailed explanation. After all, it was thanks to him that everything had gone so well. He had spent a great moment with the blonde girl and apparently the feeling had been mutual. They had met in the city early on saturday morning and Alexandre had given her a tour of some of the ancient monuments that were hidden around the city; that, as Alexandre had realized afterwards, had been one of Bryan’s genius ideas. His date had loved it, she had not refrained from complimenting him on his tastes along the way.

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