EoP – Part 79

Echoes of Power

Part 79

Apparently, Bryan had hit bullseye by advising him to play the historical card, the blonde girl had admitted, afterwards, that she was somewhat of a history nerd. She had been fascinated by old monuments and ancient stories and peoples since her youngest age. Fortunately, the light-haired teenager had some knowledge of his own to share and to discuss with her, he could thank his own historical fanatic of a mother for that. Alexandre remembered she used to bring him to visit monuments almost every week-end since he had been able to walk, sometimes with his father when he had been able to find some free time. Over the years they had managed to visit almost every castle, abbey and other ancient structures in the region and beyond. At least twice…! The teenager had never really found any use to this knowledge which, to him, was sort of unwanted, until that day.

“Well, who would’ve thought that it would be useful one day!” Scoffed the tanned teen.

“Yeah, what a surprise…” Nodded Alexandre with a smirk.

“So, how did the rest go?” Then asked Bryan.

Truthfully, Alexandre thought things had gone quite well over all. They had stopped at the park around one o’clock, after around two hours and a half of walking around and visiting, for a welcomed lunch break. Packing up a variety of food had been a good idea -the light-haired teen had to praise his best friend for that- as, as he had realized at that moment, the blonde girl wasn’t very difficult on food but she had a few peculiar tastes.

“Apparently she loved the sushi and fish food but she didn’t touch the fruit salad nor the lemon cakes.” He explained.

She did look like she enjoyed the chocolate muffins though, she ate almost all of them… He added silently with a discreet smirk. And the face she had made when he had offered some carrot sticks with sauce… He wasn’t about to tell anyone about that, not even his best friend.

“Yeah, bringing a bit of everything was a good idea. In the end we ate almost everything.” Alexandre added, his smirk spreading into a smile.

“Then we spent the rest of the afternoon talking and walking along the hills, it was really cool. Chloe is really… yeah, cool…” He added after a short pause.

Alexandre had trouble finding the words to describe her, she had been as interesting to listen to as she had been interested in what he had been saying. Even after his horrible jokes to which she at least had had the decency to laugh to.

“So, you like her?” Finally asked Bryan, smirking, after Alexandre had finished telling him about their excursion to the lake a few kilometers to the north.

The light-haired teen looked at him for a moment before focusing on the shadows in front on them.

“I…” He began, a bit hesitant. “Yeah, I think so. I don’t know if I could say that I love her yet but, yeah, I really like her. She’s sweet and fun and intelligent-”

“And cute and sexy.” Bryan interrupted him with a mocking grin.

“Hey!” Exclaimed Alexandre with a scowl as he punched his friend lightly on the shoulder. “But yeah, she is kind of beautiful…” He added with a chuckle.

“Well good for you Alex.” Replied Bryan with a smile.

After all, some time had passed since then and seeing his best friend finally starting to move on a little made him glad.

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