EoP – Part 80

Echoes of Power

Part 80

The two teenagers were joined a bit later by the rest of the group which either had gone to a nearby café to get something warm to drink, that had been mostly on Rebecca’s demand, or still had some classes depending on the different classes they had chosen that year. The sun was almost at its peak when Carlos finally was able to join them, to Angeline’s great pleasure. It was then decided of common accord that they would eat their lunch outside because of the great weather that seemed to not want to leave the sky.

“Seems like we’re still in summer huh!” Bryan said to nobody in particular at one point.

Rebecca and Michael, who somehow seemed to have heard that, turned towards him with deadly stares.

“Don’t jinx it you idiot” Exclaimed Rebecca with a scowl. “I’m not ready for autumn to come back!”

“Yeah, me neither…” Agreed Micheal with a grimace.

“Geez! Don’t be so aggressive guys!” Bryan replied with a small smirk as he raised his right arm defensively.

Rebecca huffed and whipped her head to the other side, which made both Michael and Bryan chuckle before the long black-haired teen turned away too, leaving the tanned teen to smile by himself.

“So, how’s your arm?” Asked Alexandre as they cleaned up their spot before going back to class.

“Well, it still hurts a bit, but a lot less than last week. Now I just have to wait a week or so for my shoulder to heal enough to use it again.” Replied Bryan as he flexed his left arm, which was still encased in the white fabric cast, a little. “I have to admit, these are the most annoying weeks of my life, I can’t even practise a little…”

“Oh man, I’m so sorry for you… It must indeed be sooo hard not to be able to spend all your time getting beaten half to death…” Replied Alexandre with a large smirk as he walked besides his best friend.

“Yes, I pity you too…” Added Rebecca as she passed by them to join Eloïse and Caroline at the front of the group.

“Haha. Very funny you two.” Commented Bryan with a faux unnerved look as he rolled his eyes. “You can’t understand the beauty of it, you heretics!” He added, unable to resist a small smirk.

Alexandre had always been fascinated by his friend’s desire to train his martial arts, and that from a very young age. Not that he found it stupid or anything of the sort, the light-haired teenager just didn’t see the use in repeating techniques over and over, tirelessly and pushing oneself to the limit to master something that would probably never come to actual use in real life. It was quite ironic because he himself spent a lot of time, perhaps too much, on Defend the Ruins even if, technically it wouldn’t be of any use later.

But Alexandre was aware of this paradox and he had realised it wasn’t so much the apparent uselessness of the exercise that repulsed him, but more likely the fact that martial arts didn’t appeal to him at all and that spending so much time practising them would impede his gaming time. It was a completely self-centered way to think he had realized over time. However, despite all this, the light-haired teen had always been keen to go watch and support his friend when he participated in competitions, it was somehow very exhilarating.

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