EoP – Part 81

Echoes of Power

Part 81

If anything, the next few days passed quite normally compared to the previous week. Alexandre found time to practise using his ability each evening and, even though he still thought he saw shadows move in the corners of his eyes from time to time, the shaking had greatly diminished since the previous week-end. Somehow, having to put his mind to something that seemed just as, if not more, stressful than his near death incident, had helped a little. Even if his date had gone quite well by his estimation and what Bryan had said after being told about it in detail, Alexandre couldn’t shake of the exhilaration and adrenaline rush he felt each time he thought about it. That helped forgetting the monster and the pain he felt from his healed scar from time to time. It also came as a welcome distraction to focus his mind on, which almost systematically brought a smile to his face.

The teenager, as he had resumed practising using his ability, had noticed another change in the way the objects reacted. It was subtle and at first it had seemed to him as if he was just imagining things but after a number of tries and careful observation he had noticed it again a few times. It was a small change, yet it was visible: the object he was trying his power on seemed to slow down a little bit more than when he had tried it the first time. It didn’t occur every time, he guessed it depended on his focus and the amount of will power he was putting in his attempts as, each time he had noticed it, the aftermath had been much more tiring than usual. After having trained to use his ability for the past few weeks, Alexandre was quite proud of the fact that he could use it a lot more easily and that it cost him a lot less energy than before.

That added to the fact that it had become easier to make it happen at will (or almost at will, there still were a few failures here and there) was a sign that he was making progress, he was getting better et using his ability. But this new discovery had made him realize something else, something very important and that got him quite excited once the thought had formed in his mind: his ability was somehow changing, seemingly getting stronger. It was evolving. True the changes were not very noticeable but they were there, he could see them. This realization therefore meant two things. One, the ability to slow down things would probably allow him to almost stop objects at one point, with more training. And two, perhaps he would be able to use it on more than one object if he put in enough effort and trained appropriately. The famous scene from the Matrix movies where the main character dodges bullets flying at him at high-speed had immediately popped up in the teenager’s head at that point. It was still only a dream, after all he was still very far from doing such a thing, but, still, he had hope that one day, perhaps…

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