EoP – Part 82

Echoes of Power

Part 82

Alexandre woke up to yet another strange dream that Thursday, it was as if the world had decided to confront him to the most bizarre situations while he was asleep lately. Of course it had always been like that, sort of. It wasn’t really common for the teenager to remember the dreams he had during the night as he woke up, most of the time he just had remnants of the things he had felt or thought but they immediately jumbled up without any coherence what so ever as soon as he tried to remember what it had been about exactly. Some times, though, he woke up remembering exactly what had happened. These occurrences however were very uncommon and, as he had realized recently, each one seemed weirder than the previous one. Last time I was being chased by something, what was it again? He couldn’t picture is clearly but it was some sort of huge white feline with blue eyes. That last detail had made an impression on him.

The teenager could swear he had had another one since then but he didn’t remember what it was about. That would be a first, forgetting something that messed up… He thought with a chuckle. That night had been a little bit different but very weird nonetheless. He had been lying on the beach napping, the sun was setting but the weather was still great, the sky was clear and the wind was warm. Suddenly he had been woken up by a loud bang, he had seen a large fiery meteor coming down from the sky as he had opened his eyes. Alexandre barely had the time get up and start running away from the huge blazing rock, which seemed like it would crash somewhere in the ocean near the island, before it hit the ground, creating a huge tsunami that ravaged the tropical piece of land. Fortunately he had been able to hide in an underground bunker, which apparently was waterproof, with a few other people.

After what had seemed like an eternity of waiting in side the surprisingly cosy but confined space, they had finally decided to go back to the surface, only to find the island completely destroyed and a huge crater where its southern part should have been.

“It’s been cut in half, I don’t believe it…” Alexandre could remember one of the men who had been able to take refuge with them saying.

That had been just before the raptor attack and the car chase around the island in ruins that had ensued, all leading to a huge fight once they had managed to get back to the continent. They had managed to resist well enough and, thanks to a heroic sacrifice on their side, had succeeded in causing sufficient casualties on the raptors’ side, enough to make them retreat and finally escape. The teenager had woken up before they had eventually made it safely back home due to an abrupt, and very unpleasant, awakening from his alarm clock.

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