EoP – Part 83

Echoes of Power

Part 83

“Damn you look awful!” Exclaimed Bryan as he parked his bike near the main gate of the school.

“Yeah, I know, I didn’t sleep very well tonight, had a bad dream…” Replied Alexandre with a grunt.

“Oh I feel you man.” Said Bryan with a small smile. “I have nights like these from time to time too.”

“Yeah, well I can’t wait to be back home in my bed…”

“Heh, well in a few hours my dear Alexandre.” The dark-haired teen commented with a smirk as they walked towards the class.

“Yeah, that’s the problem.” Replied Alexandre with a grimace.

The next four hours seemed like an eternity to Alexandre, he felt as if his brain was trying to shut itself down, he had the biggest difficulty keeping his eyes open. He hadn’t slept badly but this dream and waking up with a start seemed to have exhausted him. Plus he could feel the voice starting to act up in the back of his head. Oh heck no… Not now… He whined internally as he felt it rising. Fortunately it remained a slight whisper until the bell announcing the mid day break finally rang.

“Hey, have you heard about the new movie about Hercules that’s coming out?” Asked Robin as they were filling up they platter of food at the cafeteria.

“Oh yeah!” Replied Eloïse as she followed them along the line. “It’s weird but I really want to see that one!”

“Really?” Asked Caroline, with a quizzical look. “That’s usually the movie I’d want to watch, not you.”

“Yep, I really think I’d like this one!” Replied Eloïse with a smile.

“Well cool, we’ll go see it together then!” Exclaimed the light-haired girl as she followed her friend to a nearby table.

“Well good for you girls.” Interrupted Robin. “Anyways, I heard that they’re planning to make a whole lot more of these if it works. They want to adapt the whole greek mythological universe apparently, a bit like what Marvel or DC did! Isn’t that cool?!” He asked excitedly with a huge grin as he sat down beside Eloïse.

“Yeah, I’d quite like to see that!” Nodded Bryan as he sat in front of the young man.

“Me too.” Added Alexandre as he took place next to his best friend. “A mythological cinematic universe huh? That’d be cool.”

The rest of the day went by a little bit quicker. Perhaps it was because the classes were slightly more interesting or because the teenager had matter to think about with the new Hercules movie and the prospect of a whole universe adapted for the big screen. The voice got louder, to the teenager’s slight annoyance, once during the following classes but other than that he had no complaint to make about it. When he finally reached his house, after chatting for almost half an hour with his best friend on the way home, Alexandre let himself slump into his bed and closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep for a quick nap. He only woke up when his phone rang about an hour later, his father was calling to tell him he would not be as late as usual and to ask if he could prepare dinner for the both of them.

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