EoP – Part 84

Echoes of Power

Part 84

The sun was setting down over the hills, its heat beginning to fade away as shadows started to grow darker. She couldn’t help the smile from spreading on her lips as she watched the scene before her. It seemed as if the horizon was on fire, a fire of bright golden and red flames, it was majestic. Despite her young age, she had already travelled in quite a number of places but rarely had she seen such a sight. This was surely a good sign for the time to come and the task she had to accomplish. She had a good feeling about this, it seemed they had been right by telling her to come here, this was the perfect place. Echo Valley was not a big city but it was the kind of place where they gathered and if she was going to accomplish anything, it seemed to indeed be here.

She put her long red hair in place behind her ear as she walked near the edge of the cliff. She could feel the wind on her face. It was blowing quite well, though not strong enough to be disagreeable. She closed her eyes and let out a deep breath to relax. Her arms slightly extended to her sides she let her mind run free, letting the pleasant feeling soak in. Yes, this was definitely going to be a good one. She would make it in half the time she had been given and go back with a proud trophy to add to the collection. This would prove that it had been a mistake to send her away, she wasn’t weak or uncommitted.

Anger was starting to make her blood boil. It’s not the moment to lose your cool! She chastised herself before taking a deep breath and spreading her arms completely. She emptied her mind with ease before focusing her thoughts on a point in the middle of her chest. She felt the power of her aura amplify around her body, the familiar cold tingle running through her limbs as the mana gathered. She remained like that, holding the powerful energy that was trying to get out, for a few minutes, reveling in the strange feeling it provided. Then, after a long moment of silence she murmured a few words and let it explode all around her in a whirlwind. Half of the sun had disappeared behind the horizon at that point.

She could feel the energy emanating from all around her, slowly pulsating, just like a heartbeat, it wasn’t very strong but amazingly it was everywhere. A thin trail of black smoke, almost unnoticeable, trail of black passed by her, seemingly floating with the wind. Anyone else might have just let this small detail slip out of their minds but not her, she noticed it, as if it was a bright ray of light int he middle of the night. She locked her eyes on it and raised a hand, her palm facing outwards in the direction of the minuscule cloud of smoke, before speaking a few words. The smoke froze in mid-air for a second before it caught fire and was disintegrated in an instant. She looked back towards the city below and smiled again, this was going to be fun.

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