EoP – Part 85

Echoes of Power

Part 85

The small red ball fell back slowly towards his hand and landed in his palm. His heart was beating fast, he was sweating like he had just run a marathon and each muscle in his body was screaming for him to stop but, strangely, he couldn’t help the smile that spread on his face. Five times in a row. He had succeeded five times in a row, it was a new record! Alexandre couldn’t feel his fingers as he slumped down on the couch but he didn’t care, he was ecstatic, the progress may be slow but he was getting so much better at this! He had been trying his ability during all the week-end and after at least half a dozen tries he had finally managed to slow down the rubber sphere’s fall as many as five times in a row. He let out a loud and joyous laugh before closing his eyes to rest a little.

The progress the teenager had made in a single week was impressive. He could use his ability a few times in a row and be just as tired as he was when he had tried it the first time. He didn’t know if his encounter with the strange mist creature played a role in all this but since then he had been much more efficient in his training, if one could call it that, it was as if he was walking forward instead of crawling like he had been doing until that moment. The scars were still very visible on his skin, he had to be extra careful while in the locker room to make sure no one would see them, especially not his best friend. Fortunately it had been easier than expected since his best friend had not been in the sweaty room much because of his injury.

It still hurt from time to time but it wasn’t really painful as much as it seemed like his skin was burning, it seemed like his right side was on fire and there was nothing he could do about it. Apart from that though it was fine. The light-haired young man still couldn’t understand exactly how he had survived something like this however and, even more baffling, how he had healed so fast. It had occurred to him that it was perhaps some kind of strange occurrence, to not say supernatural, of a similar nature to his ability but he had no proof of it. The previous day he had also heard another word clearly from the voice. After trying to use his power a number of times in a row for the third time he had had an especially strong episode of the voice screaming in his head, it had left him almost crippled to the ground for almost a quarter-hour. When it had finally faded away it had felt as if his head had been rolled on by a steamroller, he had remained on the ground for a few more minutes before finally being able to get up to write the word down somewhere.

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