EoP – Part 86

Echoes of Power

Part 86

That evening Alexandre went to bed and fell asleep almost immediately. His father, who had been able to come back much earlier than usual from work, had been surprised to see the young man walk up the stairs towards his room while he remained in front of the TV to watch a movie. When he woke up the next morning, Alexandre realized his night had been deprived of any dream and it somehow felt strange to finally be able to sleep like a rock after all that had happened. Despite his arduous training of the previous day he felt strangely refreshed, his muscles were slightly sore but it didn’t bother him at all. He took a quick shower and downed a bowl of cereals before leaving for school. He even managed to try out his power as he was running towards school and to arrive before his best friend, who was a bit late because of his arm that prevented him from using his bike. Well this seems like it’ll be a good day! He thought with a smile as Bryan walked up to him.

“What are you smiling about?” Asked the dark-haired teen as they moved towards the building where they had their first class.

“Huh?” Replied Alexandre, surprised by the question.

“I asked what that was about.” Explained Bryan with a smirk as he pointed to his best friend’s smile.

“Oh nothing. Just having a good feeling about today.” Said Alexandre.

“Really? Why? Chloe got in touch with you again?” Asked the other, his smirk getting bigger and more mischievous.

The light-haired teenager looked at him for a second, it took a moment for the question to sink in.

“Oh. Oh! Uh, no not really, I just have a good feeling, that’s all…” He finally responded. “Though we did talk a bit over the phone this week-end.” He said, smiling too.

“Well then, tell my everything lover boy!” Exclaimed Bryan, nodding excitedly.

Alexandre told him about how the blonde girl had called him on saturday, asking if he was free the next week-end and offering to go to a party she had been invited to together. He had of course immediately agreed and they had decided on the meeting point. Then they had made small talk for about half an hour, telling each other about their week.

“And she listened to you boring her to death with all this for a whole half hour? Wow man! You’ve got a winner there!” Exclaimed Bryan, his smirk back on his face.

“Hey! I’m not boring!” Huffed Alexandre. “Or at least I hope I’m not…” He added with a grimace as they walked in the classroom.

“Well either way she seems to find you interesting so its good for you my friend!” Commented Bryan as he sat down at his desk.

“Yeah, I hope so. She’s really fun to be around.” Nodded the light-haired teen.

“Who is?” Asked a voice behind them. “And hello by the way.”

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