EoP – Part 88

Echoes of Power

Part 88

She had a soft but clear voice. She had spoken with a slight british accent, without stuttering once or letting out any hint of nervousness. Also, during her speech, she had taken care of making eye contact with each and every one of them, sweeping the class with her deep hazel eyes. Alexandre realized that this was all carefully done to gain immediate appeal from he audience. She must be used to speaking in public or making speeches, he thought with a smile. He himself had been somehow entranced by the feeling during the brief moment they had locked eyes. Well, entranced might not have been the appropriate word, but he had definitely felt something from her. She was doing her best to integrate in this new environment. Or perhaps that’s it. Having a family that moves around a lot wasn’t so uncommon after all… One could definitely pick up skills to integrate quickly over time.

However, despite these little tricks she used that he had picked up while watching videos on the internet, Alexandre couldn’t deny the girl had a natural beauty to her. She had very smooth and attractive features, this added to her mysterious aura and her remarkable presence created a strange desire to know more about her. The light-haired teenager noticed with a smirk that his best friend himself wasn’t indifferent to her charms as Bryan was completely focused on his new school comrade, he still had his mouth slightly open and his finger half-raised in the air, as if he was going to say something but was interrupted in the middle. Alexandre scoffed at this sight, his best friend was only missing a trail of drool on his chin and he would’ve made a hilarious sight, though the dark-haired teen didn’t even react.

“Hey! Bryan! Hey! Oy, drooly head!” Alexandre almost had to speak up before his best friend finally deigned to react.

“Huh? What?” Asked Bryan as he slowly turned towards his best friend.

“You should take a picture, it would be more discreet.” Commented the light-haired teen, his smirk widening.

“Huh? Wha-“Started Bryan before understanding dawned on him. “Oh… Ha ha, very funny Alex.” He replied with a frown, turning back to face the front of the class immediately after.

Alexandre couldn’t help a small laugh that brought the disapproving eyes of the teacher upon himself for a brief moment. He started unpacking his stuff as the redhead walked to her seat to the left of the class, not far away from Rebecca. The teenager saw his best friend follow her all the way to her seat, only focusing on the lecture, which had started, after the new student had unpacked her stuff and begun writing. Well, at least she’s made a nice first impression… Thought Alexandre with a small smile. Then he saw his best friend’s head suddenly shoot up and turning around.

“Wait, didn’t you just-?” Started the dark-haired teen as he pointed an accusatory pen at his best friend.

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