EoP – Part 89

Echoes of Power

Part 89

“What?” Replied Alexandre, mustering the best expression of innocence he could as he looked back at his best friend.

Bryan frowned for a second, looking intently at his friend, before shrugging.

“Hmm… I could’ve sworn…” He said as he turned back towards the black board.

Alexandre couldn’t help but feigning a cough to hide his smirk. He started copying what was displayed on board, writing down the different details of the assassination attempt on the Turkish prime minister a few decades back, while listening intently to the lecture  The history teacher was drawing a detailed timeline of the main events of the last century on the board when he looked towards his best friend again, the dark-haired teenager was looking at the new student on the other side of the classroom. Without even having to take a look at his face, Alexandre could say that Bryan was captivated and was not paying attention to what was being said at all. Well he seems to have taken a liking to our new comrade… he thought with a small sigh as he shook his head, smiling lightly.

This wasn’t the first time the dark-haired teen was displaying such interest, after all he did this quite often when a girl caught his eye. Well, he didn’t do it every time either, Alexandre had seen him try to date a few girls just for the sake of it, ‘for the challenge’ as his best friend had told him or ‘not to lose his touch’, but if one added up the number of girls Bryan had gone out with, the portion to whom he had gotten attracted to like this amounted to a fairly high number. Even for a man of short relationships like him. I just hope it won’t be like last time… If one could say of Alexandre that he wasn’t really one to deal very well with breakups, after all he had refused to see Bryan at first and had remained depressed for almost a month after Alice.

But Bryan was definitely on a whole other level, the last time a girl he had been really interested in had shut him down he had shut in for days, not coming out of his room, had skipped school for three weeks and had planned to move away on his own and to go live in the snowy part of the northern states. Only the unflinching authority of his mother and the long hours he and Alexandre had spent together had managed to get him back on the right tracks. Or so they thought, much like a lunatic he had changed from completely depressed and shut in to a cheerful and restless seducer, going out with girl after girl over the next couple of months and seducing any ‘cutie’ his eyes would fall on with very little respect for their boyfriends or anyone else around him for that matter. After an almost endless period, at least in the light-haired teen’s eyes, he had come back from the huge-jerk-side of the force and had somehow calmed down, almost apologetically.

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