EoP – Part 90

Echoes of Power

Part 90

“So, Bryan, what was it you were talking about earlier this morning with Alexandre?” Robin asked with a playful smile.

“Huh?” Replied the dark-haired teen as he turned towards his blond friend, clearly not knowing what he was talking about.

“I was asking what you and Alexandre were talking about this morning in history class.” Repeated Robin as he took a large bite out of his sandwich.

“Oh! Right, uh… well…” Replied Bryan as he knitted his brows as if he was thinking.

Alexandre couldn’t help but smirk at that sight. His best friend had been shooting glances at the red-haired girl who had joined their class that morning during the whole time they had been in the cafeteria. He hadn’t participated in the conversation much, offering a few mhms and uhus now and then when someone asked for his opinion, and had not even touched to half of the content of his plate. The teenager had been completely focused on the ‘new girl’ and seemed to have forgotten anything else since she had walked in and sat down a few tables away, near the windows.

Alexandre had tried to get him to talk a bit but had completely abandoned the prospect of trying to include him in the conversation after he had seen him try to fit a forkful of peas in his mouth and fail three times in a row. He had simply decided to leave his best friend be, letting him have his moment of internal peace and romance. He wasn’t such a monster that he would try to pry him away from admiration at all cost, after all the dark-haired teen respected him when he did that too. But it seemed that Robin was either oblivious to this or too focused on what he had wanted to know since the first class of the day to care.

“So?” Asked the blond teen, looking expectantly at Bryan, who seemed a bit lost and hesitant.

“Don’t bother man, he probably doesn’t even know what you asked him for…” Finally intervened Alexandre, seeing how his friend was completely lost.

“Heh, I can see that!” Scoffed Robin with a smirk. “Oh well, don’t worry Bry, Alex is going to tell me all about it then!” He added as he turned to the light-haired teenager.

Alexandre cringed internally at that. Robin knew something was up but he was so not prepared to tell him about Chloe. His unease was somehow eased by the incredibly grateful thank-you-look Bryan gave him before focusing on his plate again. Alexandre sighed and turned towards Robin.

“So, what is it you wanted to know?” He asked the other teen, hoping he would give up.

But his hopes were instantly crushed.

“Well, you see, I was curious as what you and Bryan were talking about this morning before the teacher introduced the new girl.” Robin explained with a small smile, as if he somehow knew this was going to go his way and be very interesting.

“Oh, that.” Alexandre tried to keep his voice and expression as neutral as possible. “Well nothing much, we were talking about our week-end…”

It seemed he had failed miserably though, his defensive attitude must have somehow transpired because Robin’s smirk got even larger.

“Come on man, I know you’re hiding something from me. What is it? Is it about Bryan?” The person in question didn’t even react at his name, he was back to looking towards the redhead as Alexandre noticed. “Or is it… something else?”

Alexandre had to focus all his might not to cringe. Damn him, he’s good! And persistent too… He sighed loudly and resigned. They were going to find out sometime anyways so he might as well get on with it…

“Well, you see, there’s this girl I met at a party this summer…” He started slowly, trying to keep his voice low.

“Aha! In knew it!” Interrupted the blond teen as he banged his palm on the table, catching the attention of the others around the table.

Oh great… Now they’re all going to want to hear about this… This time Alexandre couldn’t stop himself from cringing.

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