EoP – Part 91

Echoes of Power

Part 91

Alexandre sighed as they both crossed the street along the white straps on the ground, walking towards the commercial zone.

“Hey, it wasn’t so bad, was it?” Asked Bryan, a slightly concerned look on his face.

“Nah. It wasn’t hell per say… but close enough.” Scoffed Alexandre.

“Well at least now that they know it’ll be easier won’t it?” Offered the dark-haired teen, jumping over the small wall of the huge commercial center’s parking lot.

“Talk for yourself, they’re going to pester me until I spill the beans completely… damn Robin and his curiosity!”

“Yeah! Damn him…” Said Bryan, raising his fist in the air as he did.

“Oh damn you too you know!” Replied Alexandre as he turned towards him, pointing a half-angry, half-annoyed finger at his best friend’s chest. “You did not help me at all! At the very least you could’ve tried to find an explanation or a way to distract him but noooo, you were too caught up in admiring your redheaded beauty! I should end our friendship for not helping someone in need, a.k.a. me, when you clearly had the ability to do so!” He exclaimed, crossing his arms on his chest and frowning.

Bryan raised both his hands defensively at this remark.

“Hey! That’s cheap! I tried to help! And I would’ve, it’s just…”

“Che!” Alexandre scoffed again. “As if you could’ve focused enough to do something like that. You were practically drooling over her Bry’! No wait, actually, you were drooling over her…” Said Alexandre with a small smirk as he started walking a little faster.

“Wait… what?!” Exclaimed Bryan as he unconsciously wiped the corners of his mouth for drool.

The tall dark-haired teen almost had to start running not to be left behind by his best friend.

“You heard me, poopy head!” Said Alexandre, accelerating yet again.

“Hey!” Shouted Bryan as he started running. “Wait… I knew it! You did call me names this morning in history!” He added, frowning, as he realized what his friend meant.

“Oh yes, I did, but you deserved it. You should’ve seen yourself!” He replied laughingly before breaking into a full sprint. “And I’ve got a picture to prove it!”

Bryan hesitated a second, taking in what his friend had just said and watching him get away quickly. Then it seemed to click and a flash of anger coursed through his features.

“Oh no you didn’t! Get back here you ass! Give me that picture!” He exclaimed as he started to sprint too.

“Never! That’ll teach you to not help someone in need!” Yelled Alexandre as he ran as fast as he could while laughing loudly.

Despite the lead Alexandre had managed to take by starting to sprint first and surprising his friend, Bryan was gaining on him fast. His daily training kept him in perfect physical shape and despite his dislocated shoulder he could easily catch up with his best friend. And he was about to, already smiling widely as he extended his arm to grab onto the light-haired teen’s shoulder, but Alexandre turned his head to look at him.

“Hey, your way is over there!” He exclaimed as he pointed towards the street on the right.

This took Bryan aback a little as he noticed they had already reached the crossroads where they usually parted ways. This caused him to hesitate a little and to slow down, letting Alexandre get away, still laughing.

“See ya later, snail!” The light-haired teenager yelled as he reached the next street and crossed without even slowing down.

“Yeah! Well be careful, I’ll get my revenge idiot!” Replied Bryan, shaking his head and sighing.

“Not if I get mine first, you ass!” He heard Alexandre shout back.

He then saw his friend disappear behind a corner, saluting him one last time, and chuckled before turning around and starting to walk back towards his house.

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